TI10 Main Event Day Three: OG's Three-peat Dream Stays Alive



TI10 Main Event Day Two: OG's Three-peat Dream Stays Alive

Sarah Zulkiflee
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In Day Two, we witnessed PSG.LGD and Virtus.Pro securing victories to stay in the Upper Bracket.
T1 drops to Lower Bracket to meet Alliance, while Vici Gaming will face Evil Geniuses.
Team Spirit and OG survived elimination as we bid goodbye to Fnatic and Quincy Crew.

It is another day of The International 10 (TI10) and more exciting matches were upon us. Day two of the main event of TI10 began with a hyped series between two of the best Dota 2 teams in the world, PSG.LGD and SEA’s pride, T1. In an intense BO3, we witnessed LGD dominating the first game and T1 answering in force by bringing back Dota 2’s latest hero, Dawnbreaker on the TI main stage for the first time. The second series was another beautiful three games by the Russian TI first-timers, Virtus.Pro and Vici Gaming. Following this, two more teams were eliminated from the event as we bid goodbye to Fnatic and Quincy Crew after they lost their lower bracket matches. Team Spirit and OG will continue their TI10 journey in a Lower Bracket run.

TI10 Main Stage Day Three Recap

PSG.LGD remains unbeatable; T1 puts on a show

The heavy favorites, PSG.LGD dominated the entirety of the first game. However, T1 put up a strong challenge in the next match. Picking Dawnbreaker for its position four, T1 introduced the hero to TI10’s Playoffs for the first time. In one lengthy teamfight, both teams committed buybacks for ALL their heroes which was a first in TI10 so far.

A Roshan contest occurred and a chaotic brawl took place in the pit. The Aegis was picked up by 23 and from then on, T1 snowballed to end the game. The third game saw no mercy from LGD, as they completely overran the Southeast Asian team to claim victory. LGD will march ahead to meet Virtus.Pro in the Upper Bracket and T1 falls to the Lower Bracket to meet Alliance.

Virtus.Pro reverse sweeps Vici Gaming 2-1

A tiny problem hit Virtus.Pro in its first game of the BO3. Vici Gaming executed beautiful Reverse Polarities combined with Tiny’s powerful damage to completely overwhelm the Russian squad.

The second match, however, showcased an opposite scenario and this time around, Vici had to wave the white flag. The deciding match was a smooth journey for Virtus.Pro. Gpk on his Storm Spirit, zip zapped throughout the game. Without any solutions, Vici dropped out of the game and Virtus.Pro proceed to the next Upper Bracket round. Vici Gaming will continue its battle in the Lower Bracket round against Evil Geniuses.

Team Spirit overpowers the SEA underdogs, Fnatic

Both Spirit and Fnatic are known for their aggressive approach in-game but only one will be able to proceed in The International 10. In both games, Spirit was on a roll. Collapse on his signature Mars made plays throughout the game and the second match was another walk-in-the-park for the Russian squad. Team Spirit ultimately closed the game in its favor, ending Fnatic’s run in TI10.

OG’s 3peat stays alive as they come on top of the Hassan Bowl

OG vs Quincy Crew was one of the most unique series of the day due to the brothers, SumaiL and Yawar, competing against each other. QC completely dominated the first game. What seemed like a hopeless first match for OG, had a massive turnaround as Topson went berserk on his Void Spirit, accumulating 23 kills for himself. Quincy Crew had to swallow the first defeat of the series.

The second game drafted Topson a mid Dawnbreaker and him, together with OG took control of the whole game. Eventually, the second North American team of the tournament had to surrender. Quincy Crew becomes the next team to be eliminated from TI10.

The best memes and emotional moments of Day 2

TI10 has been a little too harsh for fans who have multiple favorites competing in this tournament. This meme is quite relatable for the people invested in way too many players/teams this TI10.

In the PSG.LGD vs T1 series, during the intense teamfight that saw 10 buybacks, the couriers apparently decided to join in on the fun as well.

After T1's loss against PSG.LGD, SEA fans had to resort to consuming an absurd amount of Copium to maintain their sanity.

The brawl between the two Hassan brothers, dubbed the Hassan Bowl saw an unofficial poster being created for it.

Quincy Crew dominated OG in game one of the series but what could've turned the tables around? Of course, it's the infamous Kyle curse.

The emotional ending that saw SumaiL besting his brother in the final elimination match of the day, which was followed by a heartbreaking GG call spawned numerous memes.

As we move further into The International 10, more teams are going to bid farewell. As of now, Team Spirit and OG have survived elimination. Fnatic and Quincy Crew on the other hand, will leave the stage with prize winnings of $800,400 USD in their hands.

For info on TI10 schedule and results, you can click here.

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