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The International 2023 (TI12) Compendium: Is it Worth Buying it?

Dorjee Palzang
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The International 2023 (TI12) Compendium disappoints casual Dota 2 players by lacking the usual arcanas, immortal treasures, and skins that have traditionally been major incentives for purchase.
This year's Compendium primarily relies on community support to boost the esports prize pool, with only $463,288 contributed so far compared to previous years when contributions were significantly higher.
While supporting esports is admirable, the absence of compelling in-game items may limit the appeal of the Compendium for casual players who have come to expect more from this annual tradition.

In a highly anticipated announcement, Valve has officially unveiled the International Compendium for The International 2023 (TI12). The Compendium, a central element of TI12, takes on a distinctive stained glass theme this year, granting a visually stunning and engaging experience for fans and players alike.

Unfortunately, this year's Compendium has been received with much criticism after radical changes to it has stripped it of the multiple teasures and cosmetics it used to offer. Instead, The International Compendium 2023 offers Dota 2 enthusiasts a wide array of engaging challenges meticulously curated to provide exciting rewards.

These challenges revolve around both the professional players participating in the tournament and the event itself. Activities such as Fantasy, Predictions, and Bingo are among the tasks awaiting participants.

The International 2023 (TI12) Dota 2 Compendium: All You Need to Know

  • Challenges: A diverse range of challenges awaits players, encompassing Fantasy, Predictions, Bingo, and the formidable "The Road to the International Challenge," all offering tantalizing rewards.

  • Rewards: All rewards within the Compendium draw inspiration from The International and its participants, boasting an exquisite stained glass theme. These rewards include the International 2023 HUD adorned with intricate stained glass elements, enduring chat wheel lines now made permanent, and the coveted physical collector's Aegis meticulously crafted from nickel alloy.

  • Profile Showcase: A novel addition to the Dota 2 experience, the Profile Showcase empowers players to personalize their profile page, proudly exhibiting their proudest achievements within the Dota 2 universe.

The International Compendium 2023 promises to evoke nostalgia and celebrate the core essence of Dota 2. Players can acquire the standard version for $7.49 USD, or opt for the upgraded version, priced at $29.99 USD, to unlock additional content and rewards.

All of this year's Compendium rewards incorporate the stained glass motif. Among the treasures, Dota 2 fans can obtain the International 2023 HUD, adorned with stained glass elements. Permanent chat wheel lines will also be available to enhance in-game communication and tilt enemies. However, the highlight is an exquisite 1/5th sized replica of the physical collector's Aegis, crafted from nickel alloy.

Valve has introduced the Profile Showcase, a complimentary feature accessible to all players. This digital canvas provides individuals with a platform to display the facets of their Dota 2 experience that hold personal significance.

TI12 Compendium: Is it worth it?

To put it simply, No. This year's International Compendium has left many in the Dota 2 community underwhelmed and questioning its value, especially for casual players.

One of the glaring drawbacks of the International Compendium 2023 is the absence of arcanas, immortal treasures, and skins—elements that have been a staple of previous compendiums. These cosmetics are not just desirable for their aesthetic appeal; they also add to the overall gaming experience, allowing players to customize their favorite heroes and express their unique style on the battlefield. Without these coveted items, the Compendium has lost a significant part of its allure for many players.

For casual gamers, the absence of these cosmetics is a major letdown. They often rely on the Compendium as an opportunity to enhance their in-game collection and make their heroes stand out. Without the promise of these exclusive items, the Compendium holds little appeal for this segment of the player base.

So, what's left to entice players into purchasing this year's Compendium? The answer seems to be primarily altruistic in nature. The primary reason to buy the Compendium this year is to support the esports scene of the game. At present, the Compendium has contributed a modest $463,288 to the base prize pool of $1,600,000. This sum pales in comparison to previous years when the Dota 2 community rallied together to double or even triple the initial prize pool at this point of time.

Dota 2 Prize Pool Tracker

While supporting esports is undoubtedly a noble cause, it may not be enough to convince casual players to invest in the Compendium. In the past, the allure of rare and exclusive in-game items served as a powerful motivator for fans to open their wallets. This year's Compendium, however, seems to rely heavily on the goodwill of the community to bolster the prize pool.

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