The 1win Series Dota 2 Spring: Schedule and How to Watch


1win Dota 2 Spring

The 1win Series Dota 2 Spring: Schedule and How to Watch

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The 1win Series Dota 2 Spring tournament, set to run from March 16 to March 19, features eight teams including Team Liquid, Entity, and Virtus.Pro, competing for a $100,000 prize pool in a showcase of top-tier Dota 2 gameplay.
The tournament structure includes a group stage with a double-elimination single-round robin format, leading to playoffs where the top two teams from each group will compete in BO3 matches, culminating in a BO5 grand final.
Fans can watch the tournament live across multiple platforms, including Twitch and YouTube in both English and CIS languages, with social media platforms like X and Instagram providing updates and behind-the-scenes content.

The digital landscape is poised for a thrilling event as the 1win Series Dota 2 Spring tournament prepares to captivate the Dota 2 community. With its commencement on March 16, leading up to an exhilarating grand finale on March 19, this tournament is set to be a spectacle of high-caliber Dota 2 gameplay. It boasts a generous prize pool of $100,000, igniting the competitive zeal among its participants. 

Eight formidable teams, including Team Liquid, Entity, 1win, MOUZ, Team Spirit, L1ga Team, Virtus.Pro, and PSG Quest, will vie for supremacy and the coveted title, promising an unforgettable showdown.

1win Series Dota 2 Spring Schedule

This 1win Series Dota 2 Spring’s format splits eight formidable teams into two groups, setting the stage for a clash of titans in a meticulously structured competition. The group stage employs a double-elimination single-round robin bracket, with the initial encounters being quickfire best-of-ones (BO1s) adhering to a GSL format.

Group Stage Schedule:

March 16


(M2) 11:00 CET — L1GA Team vs (BO1)

(M4) 13:00 CET — Team Liquid vs PSG Quest (BO1)


(M1) 10:00 CET — 1win vs Entity (BO1)

(M3) 12:00 CET — Team Spirit vs MOUZ (BO1)

March 17


(М5) 10:00 CET — M2 Loser vs М4 Loser (BO1)

(М6) 11:00 CET — М2 Winner vs М4 Winner (BO1)

(М7) 12:00 CET — М7 Loser vs М3 Winner (BO3)


(М8) 15:00 CET — М3 Loser vs М1 Loser (BO1)

(М9) 16:00 CET — М4 Winner vs М5 Winner (BO1)

(М10) 17:00 CET — М9 Loser vs М8 Winner (BO3)

The top two teams from each group will punch their tickets to the playoffs. The playoffs will escalate to best-of-three (BO3) showdowns, with the exception of the grand finale, a grueling best-of-five (BO5) battle that will determine the ultimate champions.

Playoffs Schedule:

March 18

(M11) 12:00 CET — М7 Winner vs М10 Winner (BO3)

(М12) 15:00 CET — М8 Winner vs М9 Winner (BO3)

March 19

(М13) 12:00 CET — M11 Loser vs М12 Loser (BO3 for 3rd place)

(М14) 15:00 CET — М11 Winner vs М12 Winner (BO5 grand final)

The warriors of the 1win Series Dota 2 Spring tournament are not just fighting for honor; they're battling for a significant prize pool, with the champions taking home $50,000. The runners-up and the third-placed team will secure $30,000 and $15,000 respectively, while the fourth place finisher will not walk away empty-handed, claiming $5,000 for their efforts.

Fans won't have to miss a single moment of the action, thanks to comprehensive coverage across multiple platforms. 

Broadcast links

For those eager to dive deeper into the 1win Series Dota 2 Spring tournament, be sure to follow the event on social media platforms like X and Instagram. These channels are your go-to sources for up-to-the-minute updates, behind-the-scenes content, and much more, keeping you connected to the heart of the action.

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