Team Spirit’s Manager Says There Will Never Be a Second Dota 2 Roster


Team Spirit’s Manager Says There Will Never Be a Second Dota 2 Roster

Dorjee Palzang
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Responding to fan queries, Team Spirit's manager confirmed that Team Spirit will never field a second roster for Dota 2.
He deemed the idea impractical and said Dota 2 tournament rules won't allow it.

Team Spirit’s manager Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov recently confirmed that the Dota 2 powerhouse will never have a second Dota 2 roster despite the desirable thought of the nature. Korb3n confirmed the corresponding statement during his Twitch stream on 13th March. Korb3n was questioned by Team Spirit fans during his Twitch stream whether the organization will potentially form a secondary Dota 2 roster due to the huge success of the main roster in the Dota 2 landscape.

There Will Never be a Second Dota 2 Roster,” Says Team Spirit’s Manager

In a recent interaction with fans, Korb3n, the manager of Dota 2 powerhouse Team Spirit, made it clear that the organization has no intention of fielding a second roster for Dota 2.

Responding to inquiries from viewers about the possibility of Team Spirit expanding its Dota 2 presence, Korb3n stated unequivocally, “There will never be a second Dota 2 roster. It doesn't make sense.” He elaborated further, indicating that current tournament regulations prohibit teams from entering multiple squads in competitions, thereby rendering the idea impractical.

All the current rules of tournament operators prohibit playing two squads at their tournaments,” he explained.

Korb3n’s remarks came during a broadcast on Twitch, where he engaged with fans and addressed various aspects of the team's operations. “It would be very desirable, honestly,” Korb3n admitted, hinting at the potential benefits of having additional teams under the Team Spirit banner. However, he reiterated that the existing rules within the Dota 2 esports scenario don't support such endeavors and deemed the idea impractical.

Team Spirit’s current roster can arguably be considered one of the best Dota 2 teams of all time. It is also the second team to enter the two-time TI winner club after OG.

However, in recent times Team Spirit players have agreed that the team is not performing optimally. During the recently concluded DreamLeague Season 22, Team Spirit’s carry player Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk admitted that there were major problems within the Team Spirit roster with regard to gameplay and hero drafting that needed to be addressed. Despite such challenges, Team Spirit secured the top four spot at the DreamLeague Season 22.

As Team Spirit gears up for the upcoming ELITE League, it remains to be seen whether the roster has worked on its problems during the time between.

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