Team Spirit Collapse Says Pudge Is the Most Difficult Dota 2 Hero

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Team Spirit Collapse Says Pudge Is the Most Difficult Dota 2 Hero</p></div>
Team Spirit Collapse Says Pudge Is the Most Difficult Dota 2 Hero


Team Spirit's Collapse named Pudge as the most difficult hero in a recent video that was posted by Team Spirit
Apart from the hardest Dota 2 heroes, Collapse, Miposhka, and Larl also gave their views on heroes that needed reworks.

In a recent video posted by Team Spirit on X (Twitter), Team Spirti’s players Magomed "Collapse" Khalilov, Yaroslav "Miposhka" Naidenov, and Denis "Larl" Sigitov revealed the heroes that they think are the hardest to play in Dota 2. They also named Dota 2 heroes that need a rework. Two-time TI (The International) winner Collapse had a unique take on the hardest hero of Dota as he crowned Pudge with that label. Meanwhile, Miposhka chose Meepo as the hardest and Larl chose Chen. 

Team Spirit Players Talk About the Hardest Heroes & Heroes In Need of Rework in Dota 2

Collapse naming Pudge, the community’s most preferred hero, as the most difficult hero was interesting. “Pudge, [my] aim is fallible,” said Team Spirit’s Collapse when asked about the most difficult Dota 2 hero. The player reasoned that he was bad with Pudge’s hook aim. 

Pudge is the most popular Dota 2 hero and is widely played in all the ranks of Dota 2. According to, Pudge is the most played hero of all time as he has almost a billion games played over the years.

While Collapse thought Pudge was the hardest, Team Spirit’s captain Miposhka named Meepo. This is an answer that most of the Dota 2 players are likely to agree with.

Miposhka talked about how one needs incredible micro-control to navigate four heroes at once when playing Meepo. “You basically have four heroes. One is killed, and you lose the others. Very interesting, has unique mechanics, and is really complicated. That’s why almost no one plays it,” he added.

Team Spirit’s midlaner Larl named Chen as the hardest hero.

On the topic of heroes that needed a rework, Miposhka stuck to his choice of Meepo. He explained that the hero is too unplayable in the pro scene and pointed out how Meepo was not picked in any of the tournaments that Team Spirit participated in 2023.

Meanwhile, Collapse called for a rework on Underlord, opining that he needed a new skill set. The following are Underlord’s current skills:

  • Firestorm (an AoE damage ability) 

  • Pit of Malice (an AoE root skill) 

  • Atrophy Aura (a passive ability that reduces nearby enemy damage and grants temporary damage to Underlord for any enemy killed nearby)

  • Fiend’s Gate (Opens 2 portals, one next to Underlord and one in the target location. Heroes can channel a portal for 3.5 seconds to teleport to the other side).

Interestingly, Larl said Sniper, one of Dota’s most iconic heroes, needed a rework. He explained that the dwarf was too slow and suggested that Sniper’s shard ability “Concussive Grenade” should be his main skill. “Without shard, he’d have the grenade which would be cool,” he added to justify his choice.

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