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Taiga Describes OG’s Playstyle

Rakshak Kathuria
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OG's position four player Tommy "Taiga" Le discussed the team's current playstyle after its most recent series win over Entity in the DPC.
He said that while the team aspires for stable lanes, if outcomes do not go as planned, its players have the flexibility necessary to adjust later.
Taiga also talked about DM's inclusion and the changes that have occurred, as well as being more meticulous in their hero selection.

OG has bounced back from a 2-0 loss to Tundra Esports in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Western Europe (WEU) 2023 Tour 1: Division I, picking up four series wins in a row. The team’s position four player Tommy "Taiga" Le discussed the team's current playstyle after OG's most recent series win over Entity in the league. Without giving away too much, he explained that the team strives to have stable lanes, but if results don't go as planned, their players have the flexibility to adjust later. Also, Taiga explained that they have become more discerning about which heroes to choose, focusing on the ones that will be useful to them throughout the game.

Taiga cites stable lanes as a crucial aspect of OG's gameplay

After OG defeated Entity 2-1, in the post-match winner's interview, Taiga mentioned that OG now focuses more on its own gameplay instead of copying other teams' tactics.

When he was asked what they were doing, he began to speak about stable lanes, but stopped when he perhaps realized that he may divulge too much. Then, he focused on the team's flexibility, particularly its cores.

“Basically, a lot of times, we want to have stable lanes, right? If the lanes are not stable, it’s fine, we will find a way throughout the game, not going to leak some strats but each game we are going to have something. It varies. Sometimes our carry is mid, sometimes bzm plays carry. Our cores are flexible which is a great thing about this team too. So, we can do a lot of things together.”

In addition, Taiga appreciated Dmitry "DM" Dorokhin's inclusion in the team, which Mikhail "Misha" Agatov had previously also emphasized during the post-match winner's interview. With this new roster, Taiga feels there are higher chances of comebacks.

"I think DM also is a gem for the team. He is flexible in a lot of ways that enable the team and myself to play Dota the way I want me and my team to play. Probably before you get destroyed in the early game, you have no idea how to come back and stuff but that really happens now. We always have a way to come back into the game. We always have a way to approach the game.”

Taiga remarked that hero selection has recently been more structured and that the second game defeat to Entity was an example of them dropping the ball in this regard.

“We just don’t pick random heroes because they are good for the game which we did in the second game which is why we lost. We are just taking Oracle for no reason, just for the Dark Seer lane but in the game, the hero does not feel good.”

OG is on the verge of winning a berth at the Lima Major 2023 and only needs one of the two remaining series wins. Its next game will be against Nigma Galaxy on 25th Jan 2023.

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