SVG Labels SEA Pubs as the Worst in the World: A Controversial Take?

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In the OG Monkey Business Aftershow at Bali Major 2023, ex-professional Dota 2 player turned caster Avery “SVG” SIlverman was present to discuss various topics.
In one part of the discussion, SVG was asked his opinion about the Southeast Asian (SEA) pubs, and he instantly stated that they were the “worst in the world”.
In his response, he shares a past anecdote of him playing in SEA while competing in a past tournament and says that he lost 2000 MMR in 2 weeks on the server.

During the OG Monkey Business Aftershow at the Bali Major 2023, retired professional Dota 2 player turned caster, Avery "SVG" Silverman, made a bold statement regarding Southeast Asia (SEA) pubs. SVG's response to a question about SEA pubs instantly drew attention to himself, as he labeled them as the worst in the world.

SVG’s perception and opinion of SEA servers being as such come through the player competing in a past SEA tournament, where he said he got severely sick, which led to his team having a premature end at the event.

SVG: The worst pubs in the world

When asked about SEA pubs, SVG swiftly expressed his opinion, stating that they are the worst in the world. He shared a personal anecdote from a past tournament where his team boot-camped in SEA, and he lost 2000 MMR in 2 weeks.

SVG lamented the difficulty of winning as a support player in SEA pubs, stating that the games are often long and challenging, and filled with persistent flaming and unwavering determination from players.

“The worst in the world, yeah. Okay, I'm pretty biased against SEA pubs because I think it was actually on the team we were on. At some point we went to some SEA tournament it was where we bootcamped with envy in that basement. You remember that right?  I don’t remember what tournament that was. <I remember you got very sick at that tournament >. Yea we bombed out. That tournament I went to SEA and I literally lost 2000 MMR in two weeks. I lost every single pub, and I hated it since. See, I said it before, SEA pubs are the worst, because as supports, you cant win, its impossible, and then they try till the end. So every game is 60 minutes long, with everybody PMA, but they’re flaming you at the same time, won't give up. It’s like the worst of NA and Europe combined,” he said.

The recent Bali Major 2023 that took place in Indonesia featured the best teams from around the world competing at the event for the championship title. Here, all the players and attendees essentially had to play on the SEA server for the duration of the tournament. While the remarks by SVG may be seen as controversial, it is important to note that he may have been exaggerating in some areas.

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