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SUNSfan and syndereN Discuss the Implications of Holding TI11 in Singapore

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Shannon "SUNSfan" Scotten and Troels Lyngholt "syndereN" Nielsen discussed the implications of T11 being held in Singapore in episode 151 of We Say Things.
It was agreed by both that Singapore is one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to COVID-19 regulations, and problems in this regard could negatively affect the event. Due to this, the decision to hold TI11 in Singapore was risky.
At the same time, if there were no pandemic-related problems surrounding TI11, the enthusiastic crowd and Singapore make for an excellent combination for the event.

The news that The International 11 (TI11) will be held in Singapore has taken Southeast Asian (SEA) fans by storm since this marks the first time TI will be held in the region. In episode 151 of We Say Things, Shannon "SUNSfan" Scotten and Troels Lyngholt "syndereN" Nielsen discussed the impact of Dota 2's biggest event taking place in Singapore. In today's uncertain times characterized by COVID-19, both of them believe that Singapore is one of the most restrictive countries in the world, which could negatively impact the conduct of TI. However, both also agreed that SEA fans are the most electrifying crowd of all and the event should be a big hit if no travel issues arise.

SUNSfan and syndereN predict a fantastic TI11 in Singapore if no pandemic problems arise

For years, the Southeast Asian region has been longing for TI to come to the region. In the eleventh edition of the tournament, the region, which is known for its passionate crowd and following, is finally going to get a taste of the event. On the podcast, SUNSfan noted he was happy for this reason, but Singapore's strict travel rules over the past couple of years have also made it the "riskiest place" to hold a LAN.

“I am very happy it’s (TI) in Southeast Asia because they have the hypest fans, right? I think I speak for both of us. I haven’t been to Singapore in a long time. I remember it being extremely nice. The one concern though is that they are mega strict on COVID, mega strict. Of all the countries in the entire world outside of North America. This is the riskiest place to hold a LAN this many months in advance because it could just get canceled. I feel like this is the highest probability location to get canceled but if it doesn’t, it’s a god tier location as well.”

SyndereN reinforced SUNSfan's remarks about what might happen if COVID-19 has another wave in October, emphasizing how situations could change in Singapore. As an example, he referred to Romania's position during TI10, when it looked promising at the time of the announcement, but turned out to be heavily infected by the virus during the event.

“Singapore is one of the countries in the world that I want to visit the most so I am really stoked about the location, but if you ask me I feel like this is a very bold choice. Just like you said, hope it works out. I have the same concerns considering the fact that last year’s TI, the lookout was good for Romania and then things got worse and then we still had to host it without a crowd with a lot of COVID restrictions. If you come from a failure like that and next year you kind of double down, it’s very risky but it’s also the most Valve thing to do ever, right (laughs)? It kind of checks out.”

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“I just really hope we don’t have a problem here because if there is another outbreak of COVID, if there’s a new strain, if there is some third or fourth or whatever the wave we are on and that happens, Singapore will be one of the first countries in the world to put on massive instructions if not just close the airports entirely,” he added.

In his reply, SUNSfan spoke of arguably the best resort in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands, as the hotel in which he would most like to stay.

The last LAN event in Singapore was the ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021 in March - April 2021, which also marked the return of LAN events after a year's absence. During the event, teams were required to adhere to certain strict protocols regarding visas and travel. A live audience was not present.

TI11 is four months away, so there is still much to develop. The teams and fans, especially those residing in SEA countries, will be hoping the tournament runs smoothly.

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