State of Dota 2 Ahead of TI12: Roshan Goes Rogue in Qojqva’s Game

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Dota 2 Roshan bug caught on&nbsp;Qojqva’s stream</p></div>
Dota 2 Roshan bug caught on&nbsp;Qojqva’s stream


Renowned Dota 2 streamer Qojqva encountered a bewildering bug during one of his games where Roshan went on a chaotic journey across the map.
From confusion to amazement, Qojqva's emotions ran wild as he tried to comprehend and control Roshan's unpredictable movements.

In an unexpected turn of events during a recent Twitch livestream, renowned streamer and retired professional Dota 2 player Max "qojqva" Bröcker encountered a perplexing bug surrounding Roshan. In the game, qojqva was hitting the formidable neutral beast before it started its bizarre and unpredictable journey across the map.

The incident left both Qojqva and his viewers in astonishment, as they witnessed Roshan's inexplicable antics.

Here's what actually happened on his stream.

Roshan Goes on an Adventure

During the live stream, Team Liquid streamer Qojqva began to notice an unusual behavior from Roshan. Roshan is a powerful Neutral Creep located in a cavern in the middle of the north-west section of the river. While usually this mythical beast is confined to its lair, it embarked on an erratic adventure, leaving both the players and viewers in disbelief.

Qojqva's reaction during the stream ranged from confusion to amazement, and even frustration as he attempted to understand and interact with Roshan's unpredictable movements.

He said, “What the f*** is happening? Rosh is running down bottom through the map.” Another player who game added, “This guy is loose.” Despite channeling teleport and taking Rosh back to its pit, the beast ran away, further irking the streamer and the players who were encountering this bizarre bug.

The Dota 2 community quickly caught wind of the incident and rushed to comment on the Rosh bug. 

One commenter said, “Imagine if that happens in this TI Grandfinals. HAHAHAHAHA.” Likewise, another YouTube comment read, “It’s ok guys, beta game.

While Dota 2 is known for its complex mechanics and highly competitive gameplay, bugs and glitches can occasionally disrupt the gaming experience. This instance of Roshan's peculiar escapade took it to a whole new level.

If you are a regular Dota 2 player, you would know that the game is not new to bug discoveries. Earlier this year, with the release of New Frontiers Update, the community was quick to discover a bug involving Primal beast, IO and Tormentor. This deadly trio could destroy the enemy fountain, leaving the enemies with no base to regenerate.

Dota 2 community can track and report bugs they might have encountered in the Dota 2 Gameplay repository. It is worth noting that Valve has a history of addressing and fixing such issues promptly. Dota 2's dedicated player base can likely expect a quick response from Valve regarding this peculiar Roshan bug.

With The International 2023 (TI12) just around the corner, if a bug like this were to occur during an official game, this could possibly cost a team the tournament and a share of the lucrative prize pool. 

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