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Dota 2’s iconic event host Jorien "Sheever" van der Heijden recently became the protagonist on Gucci’s esports documentary.
In the premiere episode of the documentary, Sheever talked about her struggles of becoming a broadcast talent in Dota 2’s competitive scene amongst other things.

Considered as one of the game’s most iconic event hosts,  Jorien "Sheever" van der Heijden recently talked about her journey as a broadcaster amongst other things on Gucci’s esports documentary, “GG Legends”. Despite not being invited as a broadcast talent for any of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) productions this season, Sheever spent most of her free time livestreaming on Twitch.

However, it appears that Sheever was involved in the making of Gucci’s documentary series as the main protagonist of its premiere episode.

Sheever discusses on overcoming community backlash & cancer

Gucci, in collaboration with FACEIT recently presented a new documentary series on Youtube, spotlighting how role models in the world of esports overcame adversity to achieve greatness. The premiere episode of the docuseries followed one of Dota 2’s most beloved event hosts, Sheever.

In the documentary, Sheever started off by talking about her struggles on overcoming community backlash at the start of her esports career. While she noted that she began her career as a commentator, she also realized that she was not very good at it.

“When I started commentating, I felt like I had a lot of eyeballs. I was the new kid on the block. I was a girl. And I wasn't very good [laughs]. The community, they did not like my voice. They didn't like my game knowledge, they did not like my pronunciation of things. They didn't like the way I looked. They basically could find faults in everything I did,” said Sheever.

However, she also noted that the backlash helped her improve to becoming a better broadcast talent. “If nobody had cared, maybe I would have quit, I don't know,but I think definitely the insults fueled me. If I feel very upset about anything, I can write it down, probably in a very melodramatic way,and once it's written down, it's out. It's out of my system.I did try to improve constantly. I still do,” she added.

She also talked about her journey on overcoming cancer during the documentary, which she was diagnosed with back in May 2017 and was also covered by Valve during The International 2018 (TI8). However after two years, Sheever announced that she was cancer-free.

While Sheever was not involved in any of the DPC productions as a talent this season, many are still expecting the iconic event host to be a part of the upcoming Lima Major in Peru.

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