Seleri's Vegan Dilemma at Betboom Dacha 2023

Dorjee Palzang
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In an unexpected turn of events at the Betboom Dacha 2023 tournament, Gaimin Gladiator's renowned Pos 5 player, Seleri, took to Twitter to express his profound dissatisfaction with the event organizers. The cause of his discontent? A dietary dilemma that had the Dutch support player at odds with the management of the tournament.

Seleri dissatisfied with the management of Betboom Dacha 2023

Seleri, a three-time Major winner, has proudly adhered to a vegan lifestyle since 2015. For him, dietary choices are not merely a preference but a principled way of life. Unfortunately, it seemed that the event organizers were not adequately prepared to accommodate his specific dietary needs, which led to a public expression of disappointment.

In a candid tweet, Seleri lamented the organizers' apparent lack of scheduling and communication skills, stating, "Unfortunately Betboom does not know how to schedule or communicate properly. Casually watching 1v1 mids for 2.5~ hours before we play." This message underscored his frustration with the event management and the way in which the games were scheduled.

The crux of Seleri's grievance lay in the absence of vegan food options at the venue. "Also filled in a form with food requests that they gave to us but practically nothing for me to eat at the venue," he further emphasized, shedding light on the organizers' apparent oversight in catering to his dietary requirements.

In response to Seleri's tweets, the event organizers took swift action to address the issue. As it turns out, this event was the first ever organized by the management, and they were keen to rectify their mistakes. They reached out to Seleri, offering their sincerest apologies for the oversight and inconvenience.

Seleri, appreciating the organizers' efforts to make amends, conveyed his gratitude on Twitter. "To make up for it they even gave me this gift, definitely did not expect that, super nice care package <3," he shared, acknowledging the event organizers' goodwill.

In an admirable display of sportsmanship and professionalism, Seleri also credited the tournament's staff for their dedication and hard work. "All the admins and staff working here are doing their absolute best, shoutout to them!" he tweeted, expressing his support for the individuals who were laboring to make the event a success.

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