SEA Teams Face Early Struggles at Bali Major: No Game Wins on Day 1

Dhruv Saikia
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Blacklist International, Execration, and Bleed Esports</p></div>
Blacklist International, Execration, and Bleed Esports


The Bali Major 2023 group stages have begun, with the Top 18 teams from around the world competing for the championship title.
There is a total of $500,000 USD at stake, along with 3,500 DPC points for teams looking to get direct invites to The International 12.
On the first day of the group stages, Southeast Asian (SEA) teams were seen struggling, winning no games in all the series played.

The Bali Major has brought forth a challenging start for Southeast Asian (SEA) Dota 2 teams as the teams struggle to secure any victories on their home turf. With zero wins to their name on the first day of the group stage, SEA teams find themselves in a disappointing position at the bottom of the groups. Execration, Bleed Esports, and Blacklist International are the three teams representing SEA and fans have high hopes from the teams to perform well at the tournament.

A Tough Opening Day

The first day of the Bali Major proved to be a formidable test for SEA teams, continuing the region's overall struggle throughout the year. Talon Esports' third-place finish at the Lima Major and fourth-place at Dreamleague Season 20 remain the only significant achievement for SEA, making it apparent that the region has faced numerous challenges in 2023. With the Bali Major serving as the final opportunity for SEA to reverse its fortunes, the day-one outcomes only intensified the mounting pressure.

Lima Major 2023 results

Execration and Blacklist International both suffered 2-0 losses against Invictus Gaming and Team Liquid, respectively. Bleed Esports faced similar results, losing two series against Quest Esports and PSG LGD. Collectively, SEA teams endured a disheartening 0-8 start to the Bali Major, positioning them at the bottom of the group stage standings.

The SEA Struggle Continues

Talon Esports currently stands as the sole SEA team with a relatively secure path to The International 2023 (TI12) based on its accumulated Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) points. However, the team’s direct invite to TI12 is not guaranteed, as the outcome of the Bali Major holds significant weight.

With Talon Esports not participating in the tournament, the team ends the season with 1,120 DPC points. As per the current standings, the 12th team on the DPC rankings is BetBoom with 760 points. 

DPC Rankings

Execration and Bleed Esports must aim for at least a 7th-8th place finish to improve their chances, while Blacklist International needs to secure a 4th-place finish. These predictions, however, remain subject to results by Team Aster, nouns, and Invictus Gaming, which could potentially change the outcome.

Though the lanscape may seem gloomy for SEA fans at the Bali Major, it is essential to remember that these are only the results of Day 1 of the tournament. Numerous games are left to be played, providing more opportunities for SEA teams to regroup, rebound, and secure much-needed victories.

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