Sammyboy took a dig at JerAx after taking down Evil Geniuses


Sammyboy Calls JerAx a "Clown" After Defeating Evil Geniuses in DPC NA

Rakshak Kathuria
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Wildcard Gaming defeated Evil Geniuses 2-0 to the surprise of many after which the team's captain, Sammyboy, spoke quite brazenly about the win in the post-match winner's interview.
According to Sammyboy, JerAx was a ‘clown’ and his team made fun of him.
Sammyboy was also quite critical of EG's play mentioning that they were outdrafted in both games and seemed clueless when picking the draft priority.

The new Evil Geniuses roster has not fared well in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) North America (NA) 2021-22 Tour 1: Division 1 so far, having lost two out of three series. In the third series that took place earlier today, Wildcard Gaming defeated the team 2-0 to the surprise of many. Wildcard Gaming's captain, Samuel "Sammyboy" Anderson, spoke quite brazenly about the win in the post-match winner's interview. According to Sammyboy, Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka, Evil Geniuses’ newest recruit, was a ‘clown’ and his team, Wildcard Gaming made fun of him. Sammyboy also criticized Evil Geniuses' idea of Dota 2.

Sammyboy fires shot at JerAx and Evil Geniuses after securing DPC win with Wildcard Gaming

The performance of EG has been rather underwhelming so far, despite boasting some of the most experienced and talented players around. In two matchups where Evil Geniuses was expected to dominate, the team lost to Black N Yellow and Wildcard Gaming.

Speaking of Evil Geniuses' subpar performance, Sammyboy, who recently switched to a position five and a captain role for Wildcard Gaming (formerly D2 Hustlers), was critical of the team's play. Evil Geniuses was outdrafted in both games, according to him, and seemed clueless when picking the draft priority. Taking a dig at JerAx, Sammyboy said the player is "so old."

“Yeah, I mean, we have been scrimming every day," said Sammyboy. "Our scrims have been going really well. I mean we were confident going in. We just make fun of JerAx dude, this guy is an absolute fu**ing clown like I don’t know, this guy is so old. I mean I don’t think their idea of Dota is good. I thought their drafts su**ed."

Everything went our way like we had really good drafts, I thought we outdrafted them in both games, I thought they got trapped. They had choice game one and they took the second pick, then I took Radiant and they chose the first pick like these people do not know what the fu** is going on man,” he added.

In the case of the scrims, Sammyboy mentioned that the team had defeated "14 South Americans in a row" since they did not have the chance to scrim against the top NA teams. This was due to their first three out of four opponents in the DPC being Team Undying, Evil Geniuses, and Quincy Crew. It is a common practice for teams to refrain from playing scrims against their upcoming opponents in official matches in order to conceal strategies. Following the head-to-head official DPC game, teams will begin to scrim each other.

Throughout the interview, Sammyboy expressed his confidence in his team to do well in upcoming matches. He points out that his teams are often made fun of without even judging their gameplay, and he asked everyone to watch their games, saying that they were a good team.

“Shout out to my team man. My team has been working really hard. Everyone doubted us, everyone doubts us every single time like no one believes in us. We are a new team. No one has any idea what we are doing. No one has any idea what we are doing. No one even judges our gameplay. They just look at us and meme us because we are new or whatever. Watch our games, we are a good team. My team owns, They try really hard.”

Wildcard Gaming’s next series will be against Quincy Crew on 18th Dec 2021 and Evil Geniuses faces simply TOOBASED on the same day as well.

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