SabeRLight- Mocks Ceb After OG’s Loss in ESL One Birmingham Qualifiers


SabeRLight- Mocks Ceb After OG’s Loss in ESL One Birmingham 2024 Qualifier

Dorjee Palzang
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After Tundra Esports' win over OG in the ESL One Birmingham 2024 WEU closed qualifier, Shopify Rebellion's SabeRLight- trash-talked OG's Ceb
SabeRLight's tweet was a response to Ceb's earlier cryptic tweet, likely about Shopify Rebellion.

On 30th January, OG was knocked out by Tundra Esports during the ESL One Birmingham 2024 WEU [Western Europe] closed qualifier. The series featured aggressive tippings and saw OG getting outclassed by Tundra. Right after OG’s loss, Shopify Rebellion's Jonáš "SabeRLight-" Volek quote-tweeted one of Sébastien "Ceb" Debs’ earlier tweets, trash-talking the two-time TI [The International] champion.

On 11th January, Ceb sarcastically tweeted, “Karma never f****g fails to deliver you gotta love it,” after Shopfiy Rebellion was eliminated from the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai qualifier by Heroic. The Dota 2 community speculated that the tweet was directed at Kartik "Kitrak" Rathi, who left OG to join Shopify Rebellion.

Shopify’s SabeRLight- found the win against OG as the perfect opportunity to get back to Ceb for his earlier tweet, keeping the trash-talking alive and well in Dota 2.

SabeRLight- Gets Back at OG’s Ceb for Earlier Cryptic Tweet 

On 30th January, Shopify Rebellion’s SabeRLight- mocked Ceb for his loss at the ESL One Birmingham 2024 WEU closed qualifier. SabeRLight simply reposted Ceb’s earlier tweet and wrote, “frfr (for real, for real),” mocking the OG support for its loss at the ESL One Birmingham 2024 qualifier.

In the WEU closed qualifier for ESL One Birmingham 2024, Tundra and OG battled it out for the sole spot in the main tournament. During the series, OG was aggressively tipping Tundra Esports’ new support Edgar "9Class" Naltakian. But before the final game ended 9Class wroteJust better,” in all chat as a response to the array of tips he received throughout the series. 9Class got the last laugh as Tundra eliminated OG from the tournament to secure its ticket to the main tournament.

Following this loss, Ceb took to X and wrote, “GG @TundraEsports, rough loss but well deserved! happy for @TopsonDota, got to face close to peak you and it's tough We'll grow stronger, still building.” Interestingly, despite the trash talk from 9Class, Ceb wrote, “Don't hate on 9class he's young and got excited, winners can speak, it's the rule of dota.

Notably, during an earlier Twitch stream, Team Spirit’s manager Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov said "Are the players in Tundra stronger? Oh no, not at all. Bzm – Topson, I completely disagree that Topson is stronger than bzm. Sorry, but overall – bzm is stronger than Topson."

By beating OG to secure the sole spot in the main tournament, Tundra Esports has proved it is a team worthy enough and silenced its haters. It also got its revenge on OG for the earlier elimination at the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai WEU closed qualifier finals.

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