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Retired Chinese Dota 2 Pro Recalibrates Immortal Dota 2 Account to Herald MMR

Rakshak Kathuria
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A Dota 2 bug had a humorous encounter with former Chinese Dota 2 pro He "Inflame" Yongzheng whose Matchmaking Rating (MMR) dropped from about 9,000 to only 10.
Inflame activated recalibration, and as seen from his match history, the player swiftly fell through the rankings, and the final Medal after a strong 7-3 record was shockingly Herald I, a drop from Immortal.
Despite the fact that his displayed Medal is still Herald, Inflame is now able to play alongside Immortal players again as the bug has been fixed.

It is usual for Dota 2 to have some bizarre bugs, especially after patches and general fixes, which astonish the community with their strange interactions. A recent one of these bugs has attracted tons of attention since it hilariously saw former Chinese Dota 2 pro He "Inflame" Yongzheng recalibrating his Matchmaking Rating (MMR) from around 9,000 to just 10. Dotabuff showed that the player kept playing on a lower rank, playing the ten ranked games he had quoted for recalibration, and eventually became Herald I from Immortal.

In spite of the fact that his displayed Medal is humorously still Herald, the Inflame can play with Immortal players again after this bug has been fixed.

Former Dota 2 pro Inflame recalibrates from Immortal to Herald due to a unique Dota 2 bug

The recalibration bug was brought to the attention of the community by a Reddit user (u/Livid_Ad_7244) and was a first since it had never been seen before or at least brought to public attention. Inflame had returned to Dota 2 following a four-month hiatus and switched on recalibration from his first match back.

The player played the first four games in the Immortal bracket, losing three and winning one. What followed was something quite stupefying, as the player then played the game in the Legend Bracket, followed by four games in Crusader and one in Legend. He won seven of the ten games, and the ultimate result was Herald I.

Inflame's Dota 2 recalibration games

Throughout these lower-ranked games, Inflame was slaying his opponents with incredible KDAs like 23-0-9 on Queen of Pain, 22-0-12 on Naga Sire, and more. Due to a bizarre issue, the former offlaner was comically smurfing on his primary account.

Inflame proceeded to effortlessly smash the games as he played, and in a similar manner to how he came down, he has now gone back to a bracket near to his original. Inflame currently has approximately 8,000 MMR and is once again playing with Immortal teammates and opponents.

The bug has since been fixed but Inflame's profile still indicates that he is a 'Herald.' Hence he has to explain that he is not a Herald-tier player to his teammates every game. Hilariously, Inflame's chat on Douyu is backseating the pro player and telling him not to talk back as a herald.

Inflame was a successful Dota 2 player who played from 2014 to 2020, with his career highlight being his stint with LFY in 2017-18 when the team finished third at The International 2017. The player also represented renowned Chinese teams such as Newbee and CDEC Gaming and won around $600,000 USD as per Liquipedia in prize money over his Dota 2 career.

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