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Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev, who has played with Abed "Abed" Yusop and Kanishka 'Sam' "BuLba" Sosale at Evil Geniuses in the past, shared his thoughts on the two members.
RAMZES666 mentioned that Abed is the most relaxed Dota 2 player he has ever played with and does not rage at all. He also stated that Abed plays according to what is drafted and directed to him.
RAMZES666, who has previously hailed BuLba, reaffirmed his belief that the Evil Geniuses' coach is a smart individual but that his position puts him at the forefront of the criticism when the team underperforms.

It is rather difficult to describe the personality of Evil Geniuses' midlaner Abed "Abed" Yusop despite the immense skill and popularity that he has, as he keeps a very low profile and hardly engages with the community. Dota 2 carry player Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev, who has played with Abed in the past shared his thoughts on the midlaner recently, expressing that Abed is among the most relaxed players he has encountered. Moreover, he explained that Evil Geniuses’ midlaner is quite humble and does not possess any toxic elements. Additionally, RAMZES666 shared his thoughts on Evil Geniuses' coach Kanishka 'Sam' "BuLba" Sosale's drafting style.

RAMZES666 expresses his views on Abed’s personality and BuLba’s drafting style

RAMZES666 was questioned on whether Abed is an arrogant player in a recent discussion with prominent Twitch livestreamer and former HellRaisers player Aleksandr "Nix" Levin.

Nevertheless, RAMZES666 refuted that, claiming that it was exactly the opposite. “I wouldn't say that. He's the most laid back dude I've played with in my entire team history. He doesn't even have a hint of toxicity.”

RAMZES666 went on to say that Abed plays strictly by the instructions and does not interfere with his opinions in the draft process or gameplay.

“I would say he doesn't have his opinions. Whatever they tell him, he will do. Even if he loses 20 games in a row on Storm Spirit, he won't say a word. He won't say: 'How the hell am I tired of playing Storm! Can you stop picking it for me?’ Just calmly go on playing.”

The reason RAMZES666 chose Storm Spirit as an example is likely due to the hero's history with his team. Abed played five games of Storm Spirit in a row during the Singapore Major 2021 grand final. It was a 3-2 loss in the grand final for the team. However, the story continued as Storm Spirit continued to be picked by the team a lot following this event, giving rise to memes about Abed, Evil Geniuses, and particularly coach BuLba.

As Evil Geniuses' coach, BuLba has received mixed reactions from the Dota 2 community during his long career and Nix also expressed his reservations during the conversation with RAMZES666 about BuLba's coaching abilities despite his reputation of being patient.

RAMZES666, who has previously hailed BuLba, reaffirmed his belief that the Evil Geniuses coach is a smart individual but his position puts him at the forefront of the criticism.

“BuLba is a very smart dude. Incredibly smart. But he doesn't do it all alone. Like us in Virtus.Pro, many people talked about bad picks from fng. We do everything together.”

Mostly a carry player, RAMZES666 switched to the offlane in 2019-20 and played alongside Abed and BuLba for Evil Geniuses. It was apparent that this Evil Geniuses roster was quite strong, but RAMZES666 was forced to part ways because of issues posed by the pandemic.

During The International 11 (TI11) last chance qualifier, RAMZES666 competed with Virtus.pro as the carry. The team failed to qualify for the group stage. The team and player parted ways soon after this failure. Meanwhile, after a resounding start to the group stage in TI11, Evil Geniuses finished the event in 9th-12th place after back-to-back losses in the playoffs.

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