Quinn Reacts to His Avatar Fighting Ramzes666 in WWE 2k23

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Prior to the tournament, Ramzes and Quinn had engaged in a heated argument, leading to a feud between them. However, the tournament showcased a surprising turn of events as the two competitors appeared to have reconciled and were amicable with each other.
During the intense WWE 2K match, Quinn and Ramzes paused to laugh at the game. Quinn even remarked that one of the characters looked like "Jerma" before realizing it was actually him.
Their positive interaction during interviews, where they exchanged compliments and recalled past interactions, marked the resolution of their feud and added a heartwarming element to the tournament.

During the Betboom DACHA tournament organized by FISSURE and Betboom Esports. Yaroslav "NS" Kuznetsov, a former Dota 2 professional player, and Zloba, a notable figure, fought each other in the wrestling video game WWE 2K using custom-modified versions of the characters Roman "Ramzes" Kushnaryov and Quinn "Quinn" Callahan, respectively, and ultimately giving life to a meme known in the dota community.

Ramzes’ character was modded on WWE superstar Batista’s model while Quinn’s character was modded on WWE Diva Eve Torres. Quinn’s character can be seen accompanied by Faceless Void in the entrance video.

Quinn faces off against Ramzes in WWE 2K

As the virtual wrestling match unfolded, something incredible occurred. Mid-match, both Ramzes and Quinn made a surprising appearance, stopping to share a laugh at the virtual spectacle before them. Quinn, in particular, seemed captivated by what he saw on the screen, even going so far as to remark that one of the characters bore an uncanny resemblance to "Jerma" before realizing that the character in question was, in fact, himself.

However, as time passed, it became evident that the feud between Ramzes and Quinn had mellowed considerably. Their interactions shifted from adversarial to surprisingly cordial. During an interview with Andrew "Jenkins" ahead of the Gaimin Gladiators vs. 9Pandas series in the ongoing Betboom DACHA tournament, the two adversaries turned friends shared moments of camaraderie. When asked to say something nice about Quinn, Ramzes replied with a grin, "I already did, at an afterparty in Berlin," while Quinn reciprocated the goodwill, complimenting Ramzes on his choice of flip flops with a chuckle.

The Betboom DACHA tournament may have been a battleground for intense competition, but it also showcased the ever-evolving dynamics of the gaming community. As gamers like Ramzes and Quinn transition from rivals to friends, the world of Dota 2 continues to demonstrate its capacity for surprises, unity, and yes, a fair share of meme-worthy moments.

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