Quinn Expresses Concerns Over B8's Participation in NA for DPC 2023 and TI12 Qualifiers

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Quinn raises questions about B8’s DPC 2023 season in NA</p></div>
Quinn raises questions about B8’s DPC 2023 season in NA


Gaimin Gladiators’ midlaner Quinn "Quinn" Callahan has criticized Eastern European organization B8 for spending its Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2023 competitive season in NA.
Quinn was vocal in his dissatisfaction with B8, claiming that Valve's rules for enabling organizations to participate in a particular region were not rigorously followed in B8's case, due to bias and exploitation of the system.
According to Quinn, B8 just went to NA for the regional leagues and then returned, which was unfair considering that a similar circumstance four years ago had resulted in Quinn and his team being disqualified by Valve.

Gaimin Gladiators’ midlaner Quinn "Quinn" Callahan has criticized Eastern European organization B8 for participating in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC), specifically The International 12's regional qualifier, in North America (NA). It was evident from Quinn's livestream that he was quite dissatisfied with B8, arguing that Valve's rules of allowing organizations to compete in particular regions were not applied strictly to B8's case due to bias. According to Quinn, in addition to playing one full Tour from Europe, B8 only traveled to NA for the regional leagues and returned soon after, which was unjust given that a similar situation four years ago had led to Quinn and his team being disqualified by Valve.

Quinn raises questions about B8’s DPC 2023 season in NA

Quinn proceeded to discuss about B8 with the viewers while watching a game of the TI12 NA qualifiers.

The player began by noting that B8 did not completely relocate to NA after switching regions, which he has been able to correlate with the ping in ranked games their players experienced. According to him, B8 exploited the system and got away with it throughout the entire season.

“No, they did not move. They came for the DPC and they left immediately. They did not move. There are pub documentations proof of that. You can look at ping - from where they were. None of them moved to North America. They all came for DPC and left. And one of the DPCs, all five of them played on ping. Maybe two of them but at least one of them - they all played on ping. They are cheating the system and getting away with it. I don’t think I root against any team in the entire world as much as I root against B8 because they are actively cheating and getting away with it. Not cheating but abusing the system really hard and getting away with it.” said Quinn.

During the one time B8 did not travel to NA, PGL granted the team an exception because most of the players are Ukrainian, and a new law had then restricted travel out of the country.

When a viewer questioned Quinn on Valve’s rule that a team must have three out of five members live in the region they are playing in, he said both the system and B8 have problems and that the team was guilty of using them unfairly in this case.

“Blame the system and not the team? I blame both. How about that? The system has flaws and B8 are abusing the system and being insanely cringe and should be disqualified but they are not getting disqualified because of biases I just talked about, so instead I actively root for them to lose. Pretty simple situation.

Quinn then recalled another similar situation from 2019, when his team Test123 was disqualified after winning the South American qualifier for The Chongqing Major. He claimed that a difference in "social credit", between Danil "Dendi" Ishutin now and him then, was the reason he did not receive a similar exemption.

“I did not have the social credit that Dendi and people had, that the world is taking sympathy on right now. This literally happened to me. It was deserved? You are right. It is also deserved that B8 gets disqualified…I am salty that B8 is abusing the system and getting away with it because I think they are cringe and they suck.”

This is not the first time Quinn has expressed his concerns about B8 participating in NA, as he has done so twice in the last few months through Twitter.

Following the livestream, B8, which had been doing well in the qualifiers up until that point, was eliminated in the finals. Quinn immediately followed up with another tweet, this one congratulating nouns on "defending NA soil."

Nouns defeated B8 3-0 in the qualifiers of the grand final to become the third team, following Shopify Rebellion and TSM, to represent NA on Dota 2's biggest stage later this year.

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