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Puppey Thinks That Adding Jungler Role in Dota 2 Would Be Cringe

Ammar Aryani
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As of late, the community were discussing the possibility & rumors of the game developers introducing a new role after Dota 2’s newest update included initiator & jungler role labels for guide makers.
In response, Gorgc asked Team Secret captain Puppey about his thoughts about the rumors during a watchalong livestream.
Puppey noted that it would be cringe to see the role, while also saying that the developers must be absolutely certain about their decision on introducing a game-changing feature.

Team Secret’s captain Clement "Puppey" Ivanov recently talked about the rumors of Valve adding a new jungler role into Dota 2. As of late, the community noticed that Valve has inserted two new role labels into the game for guide makers, simply known as  “Initiator” & “Jungler”. While the first one made sense as there were a lot of heroes which fit the criteria, many were confused by Valve’s addition of a jungler role to the point where people were discussing the possibility & rumors of the addition of said role.

Having spent most of his free time as of late to fix his sleeping schedule, Puppey decided to make a surprise cameo on Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski’s live stream to talk about the Lima Major amongst other things.

“It doesn't fit Dota” - Puppey on the addition of jungler role into Dota 2

During a recent watchalong livestream, Puppey was asked by Gorgc about the possibility of a new jungler role being introduced into Dota 2. While the jungler role has been widely implemented in games such as League of Legend, the role has never been a favorite amongst the Dota 2 community.

Puppey started off by getting straight to the point, saying that it would be cringe if the developers do end up introducing the role into the competitive scene. While he noted that the idea isn't bad, he noted that the role does not fit into Dota 2 as a whole.

“That’s cringe, dude. Maybe it’s not cringe at first glance, but dude, it just doesn't fit Dota at all. Like there’s going to be a guy with an Iron Talon on his neutral slot and then went into the jungle, while you’re there in the offlane and be like, “where is my support?” said Puppey.

He then went on to say that the jungler role integration will only work if the game developers are absolutely confident in their decision to do so, as the introduction of a new role could change the game’s dynamic as a whole.

“The thing is, if they want to change something like this, the devs need to be knowledgeable on what’s going on in the game in order to force the role into the game. Because there is no way that they just introduce a jungle role and expect us to be impressed. If it is not good enough or it's absolutely broken then there will be no carry anymore. Like it would not exist, people will be left alone in the offlane while the jungler will be like “This is my jungle now.” Actually, the jungle will be the new carry, which is super chill.” Puppey added.

While some people understandably have their concerns about the addition of a jungler role, it will be interesting to see how people would adapt to the new integration should it be added into the game.

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