PSG.LGD at the Riyadh Masters 2022


PSG.LGD Outclasses OG to Reach Riyadh Masters Grand Final

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PSG.LGD defeated OG 2-1 in the Riyadh Masters to secure a berth in the grand final.
Drafting proved to be a key component in the semifinal series with PSG.LGD coming out ahead in games two and three.
OG is eliminated in 3rd-4th place, taking home $425,000 USD in prize money. PSG.LGD will face the winner of Team Spirit vs Team Secret in the grand final.

PSG.LGD and OG, two of the most consistent teams in recent months, squared off in a highly anticipated series in the Riyadh Masters 2022 semifinals, but it was the former that showed its class to triumph. PSG.LGD advances to the event's grand final with this victory, while OG is ousted in 3rd-4th place, taking home $425,000 USD in prize money. PSG.LGD proved to be the superior squad with excellent teamfighting and strategy, outclassing its counterparts to secure a top two finish.

OG vs PSG.LGD: Match recap and highlights


In game 1, PSG.LGD outdrafted OG, knowing exactly what was coming from OG's side. It allowed ATF to obtain Slardar, and when combined with a position four Viper, PSG.LGD masterfully chose a carry Naga Siren. Furthermore, against OG's overwhelming physical damage from Templar Assassin and Slardar, the squad had two healing supports - Dazzle and Winter Wyvern. PSG.LGD took full advantage of the favorable draft to gain an early edge, which it subsequently converted into a swift 21-minute triumph.

In game 2, PSG.LGD drafted a squad with a high magic damage. OG had the opportunity to select Huskar for ATF as its last pick in a game that looked promising for the hero. PSG.LGD had a superior start in the lanes once again, but one teamfight win with Fatal Bonds and Huskar swung the game in OG's favor. While ATF kept the squad on track, Yuragi took it forward with top-tier itemization and spellcasting. Knowing how difficult it would be for PSG.LGD to kill him, he stretched his boundaries and shut them down. PSG.LGD did score a few kills during teamfights, but OG always came out on top and won in 43 minutes.

In game 3, PSG.LGD capped off a fast-paced draft with a Beastmaster offlane. It possessed solid lanes and then used aggressive positioning and vision to put OG on the back foot. Wards, a carry Monkey King, and the Hawk from Beastmaster were all helping PSGLGD to go on the offensive, while OG looked to stall the game since it understood it needed time to battle head on. But PSGLGD was as thorough as they come, finishing the game in 30 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

Even though PSG.LGD may not be as dominant as it was in 2021, it still stands as the toughest opponent to overcome in international games. As OG's phenomenal form in recent months and their win at the Stockholm Major made this series very anticipated, but PSG.LGD demonstrated who is the better team.

OG walk out of the tournament with $425 thousand in prize winnings after its loss in the semifinals. The team will walk out of the event with plenty to ponder before its next appearance at the Arlington Major 2022.

PSG.LGD will face off against the winner of Team Spirit vs Team Secret later today. The winner will get a whopping $1.5 million in prize money.

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