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PGL Allegedly Messes Up Nouns’s Flights to TI11 Bootcamp

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Nouns, a North American organization recently qualified for the upcoming TI11 Last Chance Qualifiers.
However, their journey to the Southeast Asia (SEA) region has apparently been made painful with PGL messing up the team’s flight journey.
According to David “Moo” Hall, PGL screwed up the team’s flights with several players being unable to confirm their tickets.

While nouns have secured its spot at The International 2022 (TI11) Last Chance Qualifiers, the team’s journey to Southeast Asia (SEA) has been messed up as tournament organizers PGL botched the players’ flight tickets. PGL were recently brought into the spotlight for a lot of reasons, mainly due to its acquisition of a betting sponsor for TI11’s Last Chance Qualifiers and Group Stage.

At the moment, nouns are still trying to find a solution to its dilemma according to David “Moo” Hall with many of its players being unable to confirm their flights.

Nouns journey to TI11 LCQ could be in trouble.

Despite losing out to Soniqs in the Grand Finals of the TI11 North American Qualifiers, nouns secured a spot in the TI11 Last Chance Qualifiers, where it has a final chance of securing a spot at TI11’s group stage. However, its journey to Singapore might be in trouble.

According to nouns’ offlaner, David “Moo” Hall, PGL is making the team’s upcoming journey to the SEA region a nightmare, making “it incredibly difficult for no reason.”Moo alleged that PGL has still not secured nouns’ their flight tickets despite the team already securing a boot camp in the region.

He also noted that his and Jacob "Husky" Fifik ‘s flight tickets were secured, but added that the latter’s name and destination was incorrect in the flight tickets.

Additionally, the flight tickets of Nicolas "Gunnar" Lopez, Zakari "Zfreek" Freedman and the team’s coach, Andrei-Vlad "Mangusu" Sateanu were either canceled or could not be confirmed at this time.

Husky also expressed his disappointment about the situation on his Twitter handle.

The TI11 Last Chance Qualifiers will begin from 9th October until the 12th October, as twelve teams from the regional qualifiers will face each other for the remaining two spots for the upcoming TI11 Group Stage. Nouns, alongside 5 other teams in group A will play in a Bo2 group stage before moving on into the elimination playoffs, where each match will be a best of three, with the winners of the Upper and Lower Bracket advancing into the group stages of TI11.

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