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Nine Says That TI11 True Sight Might Be Boring

Rakshak Kathuria
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During a recent Twitch livestream, Tundra Esports' midlane player Leon "Nine" Kirilin said that TI11's True Sight might be boring.
Tundra Esports, according to him, was fairly calm in communication, and there was little hype from them, which may not be the thrilling plot that the community is anticipating.
However, Nine suggested that True Sights are perhaps normally like this, and the filmmakers at Valve use their skills to make the documentary entertaining to watch.

One of the most awaited aspects of the Dota 2 competitive scene is Valve's True Sight of The International (TI), which reminisces the final events of Dota 2's biggest tournament of the year. It is an amazing initiative taken up by Valve which portrays these moments every year. But, the winner of TI11 - Tundra Esports' midlane player - Leon "Nine" Kirilin noted recently that the TI11 True Sight may not be as exciting as the previous ones. Nine described Tundra Esports as being quite calm in communication throughout the grand final, which may have limited the chance to build hype.

Nine shares his expectations from TI11’s True Sight

During a recent Twitch livestream, a viewer asked Nine about his expectations for True Sight in light of the fact that he had been mic'd during the grand final against Team Secret.

Nine mentioned that True Sight might become boring but then changed his mind to say perhaps Valve's filmmakers can present it in a way that creates excitement.

“True Sight? I think the main thing you will see is that probably our team had very calm communication and we were just chill. There was not too much hype, I think. Might be a boring True Sight but I don’t know maybe, all TI finals are like that and you know, the True Sight filmers must know how to make everything look good and fun.”

The community has expressed largely positive views regarding Valve's portrayal of the story of the champions, which began with the release of the first True Sight for the Kiev Major 2017, the only Valve-sponsored Dota 2 event with a True Sight. As for TIs, True Sights have been released for TI7, TI8, TI9, and TI10.

The grand finals at all these events have seen at least four games played, contributing to creating a storyline, but TI11 is the first to end 3-0. Tundra was too dominant to be taken down and it took down Secret rather easily in the grand final.

True Sights are usually released following TIs at any point in the year. There was a much longer wait time last year due to Valve taking almost a year to reveal the final moments of TI10.

TI11's True Sight might release sooner than when the community anticipates this time around, according to Tundra's Esports’ carry player Oliver "skiter" Lepko. Although, he did not mention any potential dates.

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