Nightfall Reveals Reason Behind Playing Offlane for BetBoom Team


Nightfall Reveals Reason Behind Playing Offlane for BetBoom Team

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During an interview with livestreamer Alexander “Nix” Levin, Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko talked about the reasoning behind his role as an offlaner.
Nightfall mainly played as a carry player, however he became an offlaner after his move to North American team Evil Geniuses in late 2021.
He noted that BetBoom Team would thrive more with him as an offlaner as opposed to him playing as a carry.

BetBoom Team’s offlaner Egor ``Nightfall" Grigorenko talked about the reasoning behind his role as an offlaner. Following his return from North America after The International 2022 (TI11), Nightfall reunited with former teammates Danil ``gpk” Skutin and Vitalie “Save-” Melnic at BetBoom Team. Nightfall has been instrumental in BetBoom Team’s success during its new roster debut season, as he had the highest K/D/A in Eastern Europe (EEU), with an average of 14.07.

"There are no good offlaners either in CIS or the rest of the world" - Nightfall on becoming BetBoom’s offlaner

During the post-match interview with Russian livestreamer Alexander “Nix” Levin, according to, Nightfall talked his role as an offlaner, despite the player being known as a natural carry player during his time at

He initially noted that he had considered playing as a carry for the new BetBoom Team roster, however after much consideration and discussion with his teammates he realized that the team would benefit from his previous experience as an offlaner for Evil Geniuses.

“Yeah, I had these thoughts. Of course, we cycled through different options, including the one where I would carry. But, to be honest, when we were building the roster, I more or less realized that we would do better with me as position 3.” he said.

He further mentioned that there were not a lot of good offlaners within the region or the rest of the world. He additionally noted that he was willing to continue playing as an offlaner, as he wanted to play alongside his teammate Vitalie “Save-” Melnic.

“Because there are no good offlaners either in EEU or the rest of the world. But I can be one of them, so to speak. It's easier to get a tier-1 carry rather than searching for a position 3 player from scratch. At the assembling phase, it became clear that I must be the offlaner to make our team stronger. And it's not like I was against that, since we wanted to play the same lane with Save-.”

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BetBoom Team was crowned the champion of the EEU DPC Winter Tour after going undefeated throughout its debut tour. BetBoom Team, along with Team Spirit and HellRaisers, will be representing Eastern Europe at the upcoming Lima Major in Peru.

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