TORONTOTOKYO Considered Returning To Midlane For Match Against Team Spirit


TORONTOTOKYO Considered Returning To Midlane For Match Against Team Spirit

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During an interview with livestreamer Alexander “Nix” Levin, Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek talked about the possibility of returning to midlane against his former team.
BetBoom Team were crowned champions in the EEU DPC after defeating Team Spirit while also staying undefeated.
While he stated that he considered playing mid as opposed to his support role against Team Spirit, he opted to not do so out of respect for his former teammates.

BetBoom Team’s support player Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek recently talked about the possibility of returning to midlane against his former team following his team’s victory against Team Spirit in the Eastern Europe Dota Pro Circuit (EEU DPC). Despite having only swapped his midlane role for a new challenge in the support role, TORONTOTOKYO has been quite instrumental in BetBoom’s recent success, having the second most assists in the regional tour with an average of 16.56.

During the interview, TORONTOTOKYO talked about the possibility of playing mid lane against his former team and BetBoom Team’s preparation for the match against Team Spirit.

"I don’t have anything personal in beating Team Spirit" - TORONTOTOKYO on facing his former team

During the post-match interview with Russian livestreamer Alexander “Nix” Levin according to, TORONTOTOKYO talked about the possibility of returning to his natural role as a midlaner against his former team. “We even had the crazy idea that I would go to the midlane. We even played Centaur Warrunner that way.” he said.

However, they ultimately decided to not go through with the plan. He also pointed out that there was no love lost between him and his former comrades at Team Spirit. “I don't have anything personal in that [beating Team Spirit], I'm on good terms with everybody. I even want to tell Yarik [Miposhka] now: "Let's go have a rest. We'll have just the right amount of time. I want to ask him to go skiing, for example. I go to the gym with Maga [Collapse], and when I have time, maybe I'll start going again. So we have a good relationship, and nothing like that happened. I know for whom it was personal, maybe - for Vitaly [Save-]. He waited a whole year for this moment.” he added.

When talking about the team’s preparation against Team Spirit, he noted that the team did not strategize for the series as the players opted to relax after having already secured their tickets to the upcoming Lima Major.

“To be honest, the last three days we didn't prepare at all. Everyone but me was playing PUBG and I didn't download it. I broke down yesterday and downloaded Overwatch and played it. And this morning, too. But the most important thing for us was to go to the majors, and we did it. I already felt that after 6-0 we all relaxed. We weren't 100% sweating, I think.”

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BetBoom Team, along with Team Spirit and HellRaisers are confirmed as Eastern Europe’s representatives for the upcoming Lima Major in Peru. 

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