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N0tail Trolls Team Secret After OG Qualifies for Stockholm Major 2022

Rakshak Kathuria
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After OG topped the WEU DPC 2021-22 Tour 2: Division 1 and secured a spot at the Major, and Secret managed neither, N0tail pulled out a tweet from a year before that had the latter teasing OG.
Team Secret had trolled OG's performance by giving it a long list of things it needed to improve upon. N0tail replied with a sarcastic “Thanks for advice. good luck next dpc” to this old tweet.
Team Secret then responded to this remark by N0tail in a hilarious manner. Later, other personalities also added their comments on this topic.

Over the past few years, the banter between OG and Team Secret on Twitter has become a popular topic among Dota 2 viewers. The banter seemed to have disappeared from the two teams' Twitter feeds for a while, but OG's former captain and two-time winner of The International (TI) Johan "N0tail" Sundstein has brought it back to the forefront. OG secured both the first seed in Tour and the Stockholm Major while Secret failed to secure either, which prompted N0tail to remember a tweet from a year ago in which Team Secret had trolled OG's performance by giving it an extensive list of things it needed to improve on. N0tail replied with a sarcastic “Thanks for advice” to this old tweet. Team Secret and other personalities then added their comments on this topic as well.

N0tail and Team Secret engage in a Twitter banter

OG and Team Secret have a history of exchanging banter, so after the great season OG had compared to a Secret's middling one in Tour 2, N0tail couldn't help but bring back an old Team Secret tweet with a shot back at them.

However, Team Secret did not back off, hilariously pointing out that N0tail was so affected by this old banter that he had to find and bring it back a year later.

It was all banter, N0tail responded, adding that he had to just Google the old tweet to get it.

N0tail and Team Secret's Twitter banter

It wasn't just N0tail and Secret's Twitter account that engaged with one another, but a couple of hours after N0tail's original tweet, Secret's Twitter guy, midormeepo, also commented on this old tweet by writing, "banger tweet."

During this time, Maria "Inverno" Gunina, the HellRaisers' sports director stepped in by saying that some people had to retire and make a new roster to prove midormeepo wrong. This tweet was targeted toward N0tail, who had stepped down from OG’s active roster in November 2021. OG later unveiled an all-new roster, including three very young players.

After N0tail, midormeepo and Inverno also comment on Team Secret's old tweet 

Although the new OG roster lacks experience, it has excelled nonetheless, and in the second Tour 2 of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22, it managed to dismantle popular Western European teams to finish at the top of the table with six wins and one loss.

As the Stockholm Major kicks off on 12th May, it will be interesting to see how OG does against the top teams in the world with its current form.

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