N0tail Shares His Patch 7.33 Wishlist

Vignesh Raghuram
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>N0tail with OG at the Epicenter 2018</p></div>
N0tail with OG at the Epicenter 2018


Two-time TI champion N0tail shared his wishlist for the upcoming 7.33 patch in a recent stream.
He wants the side shops to return to the game and the scale of the map to be bigger.
N0tail also suggested changes to the courier system and how regen works in the game to shake up the current meta.

In Owen "ODPixel" Davies’ recent stream, two-time The International (TI) champion Johan "N0tail" Sundstein outlined the map changes he wanted to see in the upcoming 7.33 Dota 2 patch. N0tail explained that he wanted to see the side shops return to Dota 2 to just change things up with a new shop system.

Patch 7.33 is perhaps one of the most awaited patches in Dota 2 history, especially considering the fact that it is speculated to mark Icefrog’s return to the game. Dota 2 fans expected Patch 7.33 to drop earlier this month along with Muerta’s release, but Valve explained that it was forced to delay the patch and that it would instead release it in “late April.”

Fans and players have since been speculating about the big changes they would like to see in the new patch, and N0tail proves to be no different.

N0tail wants side shops to return to Dota 2

N0tail joined ODPixel in his broadcast of Old G vs Betrayed (Western European Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2013 Tour 2 Open Qualifiers). The two went on a tangent about the changes they want to see in the upcoming patch. 

N0tail stated that he wanted the scale of the map to be bigger in the new patch. “I don’t know how this works for them in terms of logistics because we have a lot of map skins… I don’t know how easy it is to go about these things, but I think it is possible to change,” he said.

“If you have the old designs, I don’t mind going back to something older as well just to change it up. Change a lot of things at the same time, so that you have no way of figuring out what is what and what’s good without actually playing,” he added.

N0tail added that he wanted something like side shops to return because it would be fun to relearn. “You change how regen works, there are only charges for your team. You can buy some regen at the side shop. You can no longer spam salves or tangos, but you can buy that stuff at the side shop. But there is only X amount for the side lanes, so the mid has to get the first set of tangoes then the sidelane has to manage what they have and what they use,” he said.

ODPixel pointed out that this sounded great for professional play but horrific for pubs. N0tail agreed and stated that this was also the problem with sharing couriers back in the day. He said one way to get around this was with individual charges. 

N0tail also wanted to change how couriers currently function. “My recommendation for a while is to change how quickly the couriers come into play. My recommendation would be to either change this regen stuff alone, you can do it exclusively to change how the laning phase gets played out. And/or you could do something with the couriers like you don’t get five couriers or they’re even slower in the beginning,” he added.

N0tail concluded by stating that the reason behind Dota 2’s current meta was the constant spam of regen and the courier. “The regen plus the courier is the reason why Dota looks like it does right now. At minute 15, what the f**k is going on? Like when I click these heroes that are top net worth, how can you have this much? It’s like speedrunning the map back in the day, wouldn’t give you this.

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