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Dota Patch 7.32e Released: Here's What You Need to Know

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Dota 2 has released Patch 7.32e, which includes a new hero, Muerta, who is versatile and has abilities that already make her one of the strongest heroes present in the game.
Lina has finally been nerfed with changes to her abilities and talent tree, reducing her dominance in the carry role.
Valve has announced that version 7.33 will be released in late April, which is expected to bring extensive modifications to gameplay.

Right after the Lima Major 2023 wrapped up with Gaimin Gladiators triumphing in the Grand Finals, Valve introduced the new hero Muerta to the game. It also balanced the game with Patch 7.32e before the next Tour 2 of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2023 kicks off.

Patch 7.32 has been in effect for well over six months, making it one of the longest ones in Dota 2 history. Fans were tired of some of the glaring imbalanced heroes like Lina, Nature’s Prophet, and Riki. Valve has finally addressed it by nerfing the overwhelming aspects of these heroes while also giving some love to heroes like Anti Mage and Windranger who have been out of the picks for quite a while.

In case you want to read the full patch notes, head over to Valve's official page for the Dead Reckoning 7.32e Update for Dota 2.

Biggest Updates of Patch 7.32e

Muerta Makes Her Debut

Muerta Hero Revealed at TI11


The addition of the new carry hero Muerta has been the most significant update in this new patch. Muerta is a versatile ranged hero who boasts an impressive arsenal of damage, nukes, and disables, making her suitable for multiple roles including carry, mid, offlane, or even support.

One of Muerta's abilities is DEAD SHOT, which enables her to fire a ghostly trickshot at an enemy unit or tree. When the bullet strikes, it damages and briefly slows, then ricochets in the targeted direction. The ricochet damages all units that it passes through, stopping when it hits a hero. Heroes hit by the ricochet are feared away from the impact.

THE CALLING is another one of Muerta's abilities. It summons a group of 4 revenants that slowly circle the targeted location. Enemies within the area are slowed and have reduced attack speed. Revenants deal damage and silence enemies as they pass through them. This enables her to effectively zone out opponents in a teamfight

Muerta's third ability is GUNSLINGER, which gives her attacks a chance to fire a second shot at another target, prioritizing Heroes. This will enable her to farm incredibly quickly and engage with multiple heroes in a teamfight.

Finally, Muerta's ultimate ability is called PIERCE THE VEIL. When she uses this ability, she transforms, becoming immune to physical damage and all of her attack damage is dealt as magical damage. Muerta gains bonus attack damage and phased movement. Muerta can attack ethereal units but deals no damage to Magic Immune targets.

With these abilities, Muerta is already one of the most formidable heroes in the game. Dota 2 players are surely eager to try out this new hero and put her skills to the test. As always, it will be exciting to see how Muerta fares in the world of Dota 2 and how players respond to her unique abilities.

Dead Reckoning Mini Event

Along with the new hero, Valve has also included a mini-event with the update. The mini-event titled "Dead Reckoning" in Dota involves helping Muerta, who needs assistance in ensuring the correct warm bodies are placed in the right fresh graves.

Players participating in this event will receive an assigned target before every Dota game. During the game, players must score points for kills and assists to earn rewards. However, players should also be cautious as their opponents are also aiming for their blood. The player who scores more points at the end of the game gets twice the reward, adding an element of competitiveness to the event.

Lina has been nerfed

Lina Dota


In the previous patch, Lina was arguably the most dominant hero in the game, and as a result, she was frequently banned or first-picked in high-tier games. The hero was able to farm at an unparalleled rate, unless she was consistently ganked, and could single-handedly take on an entire enemy team due to the overwhelming net worth lead she tended to build up. So, it certainly is reassuring to see Lina receive the nerfs she desperately needed.

Lina's abilities have undergone several changes, with the exception of Laguna Blade. Firstly, the cooldown of her Dragon Slave ability has been increased from 9 seconds to 12/11/10/9 seconds. Secondly, the mana cost of her Light Strike Array ability has been increased from 100/105/110/115 to 115.

However, the most significant nerf to Lina's kit is related to her passive ability, Fiery Soul. Her attack speed bonus per stack has been reduced from 10/20/30/40 to 8/16/24/32, and her move speed bonus per stack has been decreased from 1.5/2/2.5/3% to 1/1.5/2/2.5%. This nerf is expected to have a substantial impact on her early-game dominance.

Furthermore, her talent tree has also been altered to reduce her strength. Her Level 15 Talent Health has been reduced from +350 to +250, while her Level 20 Talent Fiery Soul Speed per stack has been reduced from +15/1% to +10/1%. Overall, these changes are anticipated to reduce Lina's dominance in the game.

Patch 7.33 Will be Released in Late April

In addition to the changes mentioned earlier, Valve's post about the update included information about the upcoming release of version 7.33, which is expected to arrive in late April. This new patch has been in development for some time and is expected to bring extensive modifications to the gameplay. Although many players were hoping for 7.33 to be included in the current update, the team at Valve was not able to complete the patch in time.

It is ironic that the most significant aspect of the update is not even present in the update itself. But hopefully, 7.32e is a good stopgap solution until Valve refreshes the stale meta with 7.33

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