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N0tail Reminisces: Manila Major 2016 Had the Best Crowd in Dota 2

Dhruv Saikia
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Johan "N0tail" Sundstein joined Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski’s recent livestream where the duo was casting OG’s Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) games.
In a part of the stream, N0tail spoke about the best crowd that he played for during his time as a competitive Dota 2 player.
He mentions the Manila Major 2016 as the first choice for the best crowd, with the Kiev Major 2017 as a close second.

OG co-founder and retired Dota 2 player, Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, is one of the most recognized Dota 2 players in history, winning two back-to-back The International (TI) championships at TI8 and TI9. The player has retired after his last tournament, which was TI10 and has since taken a more inactive role, helping the organization and players grow, sometimes playing the role of a coach. The player recently shared his fondest memories of crowd experiences during his professional career. While discussing the topic on a stream with Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski, N0tail expressed his admiration for the crowd at The Manila Major 2016.

The Energetic and Enthusiastic Crowd at The Manila Major 2016

During the stream, N0tail described The Manila Major 2016 as having the best crowd he had ever encountered. He vividly recollected the vibrant and jubilant atmosphere within the arena, where the energy of the audience was infectious. The crowd's enthusiasm and unwavering support for every game created an electric ambiance that elevated the overall experience for players and spectators alike. N0tail emphasized the 360-degree excitement that engulfed the entire stadium, making it a truly memorable event.

“Ever? Ever, would still be Manila. Cause they were all so hyped. Just imagine someone who is just happy to be there, that was kinda vibe that was at the arena. It was a massive 360 type of thing, all the way around, and everyone was so energetic, the stadium was so energetic. And the best part was that they were cheering for every game, and the spectators were also there for every game,” he said. 

The Kiev Major 2017 and Other Remarkable Crowds

While The Manila Major 2016 stood out as the pinnacle of crowd experiences for N0tail, he also mentioned The Kiev Major 2017 as another event with a noteworthy audience. However, the crowd displayed a stronger inclination towards cheering for Virtus.Pro during the finals, they still showed support for OG during their matches against other teams. N0tail acknowledged the positive reception from the Kiev crowd, highlighting their engagement and involvement throughout the tournament.

“But there's been a lot of good crowds for sure. Kiev was nice in a way. They definitely cheered more for Virtus.pro when we played in the finals, but they also cheered for us when we played other teams,” he added.

Reflecting on his successful Dota 2 career and the numerous events he participated in, N0tail's sentiment about The Manila Major 2016 having the best crowd speaks volumes. The enthusiastic and energetic atmosphere and the crowd's consistent support for all the games left an indelible mark on N0tail's memories. The Manila Major 2016 will always hold a special place in his heart, showcasing the power of a truly great crowd in making an event unforgettable.

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