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Malaysia Wins Bronze at the 19th Asian Games for Dota 2

Dorjee Palzang
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Team Malaysia's impressive performance at the 19th Asian Games Dota 2 tournament culminated in a well-deserved bronze medal.
Team Malaysia's resounding victory in the first game of the bronze medal match underscored its early-game aggression and map control, leaving Kyrgyzstan struggling to keep up pace.
Despite a valiant effort by Kyrgyzstan, a crucial team-fight at the 46-minute mark in the second game tipped the scales in favor of Team Malaysia.

Team Malaysia clinched the bronze medal at the 19th Asian Games 2022 Dota 2 tournament. The Malaysian squad, considered among the favorites in the competition, showcased its prowess on the international stage.

In the semi-finals, Team Malaysia faced off against its formidable rival, the Chinese team, and, despite its best efforts, was unable to secure victory. Undeterred, the Malaysian squad regrouped for the bronze medal match against Kyrgyzstan on 2nd October, where it left no doubt about its superiority in the tournament.

The third-place showdown unfolded with Team Malaysia asserting its dominance early on. Its aggressive early-game strategy and impeccable map control left the Kyrgyzstani team struggling to farm and put on a challenge.

Malaysia vs Kyrgyzstan Dota 2 Match: Asian Games 2022 Recap

The opening match of the series witnessed Team Malaysia's complete control, with all of Kyrgyzstan's Tier 1 towers falling before the 14-minute mark. Kyrgyzstan opted for a Gyrocopter carry, known for its greediness in farming, but found no space to farm and make an impact against the relentless onslaught of Cheng "NothingToSay" Jin Xiang’s Tiny and Thiay "JT" Jun Wen’s Centaur Warunner. Daniel "Ghost" Chan’s Razor added to the mayhem, inflicting significant damage on both structures and heroes. Despite a valiant effort by Team Kyrgyzstan, it eventually succumbed to the intense pressure exerted by the Malaysians.

In the second match, Kyrgyzstan adjusted its approach, adopting a more aggressive stance with a draft that included Storm Spirit and Nyx Assassin. "hina`" on Storm Spirit orchestrated crucial plays, tilting the balance in their favor. However, a pivotal team fight near the top Rosh pit at the 46-minute mark saw JT’s Lone Druid securing a rampage, effectively shifting momentum back in favor of the Malaysian side and leading the team to a hard-fought victory.

Highlights of the Dota 2 Asian Games 2022 Bronze Medal Series

Team Malaysia's performance at the 19th Asian Games Dota 2 tournament is a testament to its exceptional skill and resilience on the international stage. Securing the bronze medal against fierce competition showcases its ability to adapt, dominate, and recover even when the players' backs are against the wall. The team's strategic prowess, coupled with meticulous execution, was evident in the dominant victory in the first game of the bronze medal match.

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