LoL Pro Diamondprox: Dota 2 Heroes Are Boring Compared To League’s Champions

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League of Legends pro Diamondprox


Diamondprox shared his opinion about Dota 2 champions during a recent livestream.
The League of Legend pro openly shunned Dota 2’s "outdated" heroes.

In a recent live stream, professional League of Legends player Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov shared his candid opinions on Dota 2, expressing a preference for the complexity and innovation found in League of Legends. The renowned player, known as the one who revolutionized the role of jungle in League of Legends with his counter-jungling strat, delved into the aspects of Dota 2 that he finds lacking. In particular, Diamondprox touched upon the many champions in Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Diamondprox Shuns Dota 2’s Outdated Characters

Often regarded as the inventor of counter-jungling in League of Legends, Diamondprox stated that he has played a fair share of Dota 2 as well. He did not mince words when discussing his views on the heroes and their skills in Dota 2, particularly emphasizing their perceived simplicity and lack of interest.

He pointed out how abilities that were once intriguing skill shots, such as Mirana's arrow, lost their appeal over time. Diamondprox termed them as "super-boring skill shots" during the livestream.

According to the transcript given by and, Diamondprox noted that if League of Legends had not been released, he would not be sure as to what role he would have played in Dota 2.

He said, “What are some of the roles out there? I definitely wouldn't play supports - that's 100%. I don't know, champions in Dota - they're pretty boring. I don't know who I would even play on.” This preference reflects a specific distaste for certain aspects of the game's mechanics, signaling a stark contrast to his chosen jungler role in League of Legends.

He also went on to declare a sense of general obsolescence surrounding Dota 2. He attributed this sentiment to what he perceives as outdated heroes, noting a lack of updates and evolution within the game. 

The player also compared the complexity of Dota 2 to League of Legends, asserting that despite having more buttons, the former is not as intricate as it may appear. He discussed the supposed simplicity of the additional buttons in Dota 2, challenging the notion that it makes the game inherently more complex.

Diamondprox admitted to a lack of engagement with newer Dota 2 characters, suggesting that the game has failed to captivate him in the same way League of Legends has. Even a hero like Rubick, once a source of enjoyment for him, was deemed outdated, contributing to his overall perception of Dota 2's staleness.

He said, “Rubick is a very easy champ. I, by the way, finished playing Dota not that much later than Rubick came out. I spammed him a lot, I really liked him at the time. He was fun, but over time he became obsolete, just like Dota itself. All the characters there are outdated.

[The Russian transcript has been translated into English using DeepL]

While Diamondprox's opinions are undoubtedly subjective and rooted in his experiences as a League of Legends player, they offer an interesting perspective on the ongoing comparison between the two popular MOBA titles. 

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