Here are the 18 teams that have qualified for TI11 so far


List of 18 Teams That Have Qualified for TI11

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All six regions' TI11 regional qualifiers have concluded.
As a result, the 18 Dota 2 teams that have qualified for TI11 via DPC points and the regional qualifiers have been finalized.
Second and third place teams from the six TI11 qualifiers still have one more opportunity to participate in the group stage of TI11 as they will compete in the last chance qualifier.

The International 2022 (TI11) will begin in less than a month, with both the prize pool and the number of qualified teams growing by the day. Six teams have moved through regional qualifiers to qualify for TI11, adding to the pool of 12 teams who got into the event by earning enough Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) points during the regular season. In a double elimination format, these six teams battled all the way in their respective regions, ultimately winning. These 18 teams out of the total of 20 will proceed to the group stage on 15th Oct, beginning their TI11 journey.

Who has qualified for TI11? Here are the 18 teams finalized so far

  1. PSG.LGD — China

  2. OG — Western Europe

  3. beastcoast — South America

  4. Thunder Awaken — South America

  5. Team Spirit — Eastern Europe

  6. BOOM Esports — Southeast Asia

  7. Team Aster — China

  8. TSM — North America

  9. Tundra Esports — Western Europe

  10. Gaimin Gladiators — Western Europe

  11. Evil Geniuses — North America

  12. Fnatic — Southeast Asia

  13. BetBoom Team — (Eastern Europe qualifier)

  14. Hokori — (South America qualifier)

  15. Royal Never Give Up — (China qualifier)

  16. Soniqs — (North America qualifier)

  17. Talon Esports — (Southeast Asia qualifier)

  18. Entity — (Western Europe qualifier)

TI11’s regional qualifiers began on 3rd Sept in Eastern Europe (EEU) and South America (SA). BetBoom Team made an incredible comeback at the conclusion of the EEU qualifier, defeating Natus Vincere 2-0 and then Outsiders 3-0 to secure the TI11 spot. In a similar vein, Hokori won the SA qualifier with a late but strong comeback.

It was then time for the China qualifier as well as the North American qualifier, with Royal Never Give Up winning the former and Soniqs winning the latter, as many predicted before the qualifiers began.

The qualifiers for TI11 came to an end in two of the most competitive areas, Southeast Asia (SEA) and Western Europe (WEU). Polaris Esports had a wonderful run in the SEA qualifier, eliminating T1, but fell short against Talon Esports in the grand final, settling for a last chance qualifier place. Meanwhile, Entity proved to be too much of a challenge for all teams in the WEU qualifier, winning without dropping a single map.

The 12 teams that move to the last chance qualifier

Second and third place teams from these six TI11 qualifiers still have one more opportunity to participate in the group stage as they will compete in the last chance qualifier.

  1. Infamous — (South America)

  2. Tempest — (South America)

  3. Outsiders — (Eastern Europe)

  4. Natus Vincere — (Eastern Europe)

  5. Xtreme Gaming — (China)

  6. Vici Gaming — (China)

  7. Nouns — (North America)

  8. Wildcard Gaming — (North America)

  9. Polaris Esports — (Southeast Asia)

  10. T1 — (Southeast Asia)

  11. Team Secret — (Western Europe)

  12. Team Liquid — (Western Europe)

Only two teams will move on to the group stage of TI11 from these 12 teams in the last chance qualifier. Singapore hosts this qualifier from 8th to 12th Oct.

The group stage of TI11 begins on 15th Oct, while the Main Event starts on 20th October.

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