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"Let's Make America Great Again!," Exclaims Lelis' Dad as nouns Makes TI12 Top 8

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Rodrigo "Lelis" Santos's father celebrated with great enthusiasm as the nouns esports team secured a spot in the top eight at The International 2023 (TI12).
The top-eight placement for nouns is seen as a testament to their skill and dedication, serving as an inspiration to fans and supporters worldwide.
In his celebration, Lelis' father donned "nouns' glasses," popped champagne, and wore a shirt featuring the American and Brazilian flags.

Rodrigo "Lelis" Santos’s father, Ronaldo AS, a fervent supporter of the esports team nouns, was recently spotted in a jubilant celebration as the team secured a coveted spot in the top eight at The International 2023 (TI12). His enthusiastic display of support for the team included donning the trademark "nouns' glasses”, popping champagne, and wearing a shirt with the American and Brazilian flag on it. It even featured a quote that read, “LESLÃO TAKE MY ENERGY.” he also had posters on the wall that said “EZ 4 LESLÃO”.

EZ 4 LESLÃO: Lelis’ Dad Celebrates Son’s Achievement 

The International, Dota 2's premier championship event, has always been a platform for showcasing exceptional talent and thrilling moments in the world of competitive gaming. This year, nouns has emerged as a noteworthy contender, leaving fans, including Lelis' father, ecstatic over its achievements.

The journey to secure a place in the top 8 was nothing short of remarkable for nouns. It made a resounding statement by defeating the defending TI champion, Tundra Esports, which earned nouns an upper-bracket spot. However, its journey faced a momentary setback when it was sent to the lower bracket by Azure Ray after a 0-2 series loss. 

Nevertheless, nouns demonstrated resilience and determination by fighting its way through the lower bracket, ultimately triumphing over TSM in a clean 2-0 series.

The celebration of Lelis' dad was a manifestation of the joy and pride that fans and supporters of nouns felt as the team continued to defy the odds at The International 2023. Not only did he express his support by donning nouns’ glasses that can be seen on the logo, but he also showed his dual allegiance to the Brazilian and American flags. This vivid demonstration of unity and pride signifies the global reach of esports and the inclusive spirit of the gaming community.

He addressed Lelis in a touching video and said, “It doesn’t matter what the next results are. We are already in the top 8…Let’s make America great again! Leslao, take my energy.

nouns is an esports organization based in North America. The phrase "Make America Great Again" was recited amidst the celebration, further emphasizing the patriotic fervor of the moment.

As the tournament progresses, nouns is sure to continue its pursuit of greatness at The International 2023. The top 8 placement is not only a testament to its skill and dedication but also a source of inspiration for fans and supporters worldwide.

The International 2023 promises more exhilarating matches and unforgettable moments, and Lelis' dad, along with countless other fans, will be eagerly following the journey of nouns with high hopes and unwavering enthusiasm.

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