Kuku’s Team Darleng Makes an Impressive Run at the DreamLeague Season 22 SEA Qualifiers



Kuku’s Team Darleng Makes an Impressive Run at the DreamLeague Season 22 SEA Qualifiers

Dorjee Palzang
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Kuku's stack, Team Darleng made an impressive run at the DreamLeague Season 22 SEA qualifiers defying all odds and making it to the finals of the qualifiers
Aurora manages to qualify for the DreamLeague Season 22 Main Tournament after beating Team Darleng in a 3-2 series.

A new stack featuring two free agents, a carry player from Execration, and two random high MMR players have taken the DreamLeague Season 22 Southeast Asia qualifiers by storm. Team Darleng managed to reach the final qualifying series for the DreamLeague Season 22 beating all odds as a new team. During its journey, it went head to head and beat some notable and well-established Southeast Asian Dota 2 organizations like Execration, Talon Esports, Bleed Esports, and Neon Esports to play the qualifying match against Aurora.

Aurora wins the Qualifiers but Team Darleng wins the Hearts of Dota 2 Community

On 17th January, Aurora qualified for the DreamLeague Season 22, taking the sole spot from the SEA region. After a nail-biting back and forth in the series, Aurora finally managed to take down Team Darleng in game 5. Aurora’s victory can be credited to its draft and rotations around the map. With heroes like Meepo, Lone Druid, and Death Prophet, Aurora was taking objectives with ease and secured several crucial kills on Team Darleng’s carry Luna and mid Broodmother.

Finally, around the 30-minute mark, Aurora began its high-ground siege, Team Darleng was no match for the intense structural damage and crowd control of Aurora. Although Team Darleng could not win the qualifiers, it certainly won the hearts of the viewers. 

Armel "Armel" Tabios of Aurora appreciated the efforts of Team Darleng and acknowledged the team as he wrote “Props to Darleng. No boot camps, go to finals.” after winning the qualifying game against Team Darleng.

The roster of the Team Darleng for DreamLeague Season 22 SEA qualifiers included:

  • Jinn Marrey "Palos" Lamatao 

  • Yuri "Yowe" Pacaña

  • Carlo "Kuku" Palad

  • Dric~

  • Jotun

Jinn Marrey "Palos" Lamatao is currently associated with Execration but Execration decided to go with Yona as its carry for the DL S22 qualifiers. Yuri "Yowe" Pacaña is a Filipino player who last played for Army Geniuses, and Carlo "Kuku" Palad was last associated with Blacklist International.

According to the Dota 2 leaderboards, the last two players of the team Dric~ and Jotun are ranked 55th and 116th in the SEA region respectively.

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