Kpii and Talon Set Sights on the T1 Matchup After Beating Nigma Galaxy SEA

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Kpii and 23savage currently play as the offlaner and safelaner for Talon respectively</p></div>
Kpii and 23savage currently play as the offlaner and safelaner for Talon respectively


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Talon Esports has picked up its second series win in Tour 3 of the DPC 2021-22 by taking down Nigma Galaxy 2-1.
During the post-match interview, Talon's offlaner Damien "kpii" Chok intriguingly said, "T1, you know the reason" in response to the question of which team they are most excited to play next. This remark likely referred to 23savage's infamous departure from T1 a few months ago.
Talon will play its series against T1 on 30th June.

While Talon Esports suffered a taxing 81 minute loss to Nigma Galaxy SEA in game two, it won the other two games convincingly to win its second series of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22 Tour 3. Both the first and third games were fairly one-sided in Talon's favor, which executed its draft flawlessly. Even though Nigma Galaxy SEA won game two, it had to work hard for the victory that came after 80 minutes.

In the wake of Talon's series victory, Damien "kpii" Chok gave an interesting comment during the post-match interview. A grin spread across kpii's face as he stated, "T1, you know the reason" in response to the question of which team they were most excited to play next. This remark by kpii likely refers to the infamous departure of Nuengnara "23savage" Teeramahanon from T1 just a few months ago, but now plays as the carry for Talon Esports.

Nigma Galaxy SEA vs Talon Esports: Match Recap and Highlights


Game 1 saw Talon secure several of its comfort heroes, with the draft overall looking superior to Nigma SEA's. Both sides were satisfied farming before a big teamwipe in Talon's favor saw it gain a significant advantage in the game. This discouraged Nigma SEA from engaging for a while, but the squad was forced to do so eventually since it was losing the farming game. However, all following teamfights were won by Talon, who used their hero skills to perfection and triumphed in 41 minutes.

Game 2 was a typical Dota 2 SEA fiesta - the match lasted an eternity. By the 40-minute mark, Nigma SEA looked to have taken the lead, but Talon's ability to keep its head above water was just fascinating. It was always able to find critical pickoffs or deploy top-tier teamfight skills to keep foes at bay. Because of Talon's resistance, Nigma SEA had to work extremely hard to achieve each objective. Finally, with Talon's Ancient exposed, Nigma SEA went all-in, expending all buybacks, and won in 81 minutes.

In game 3, Talon went for the comfort heroes again, with 23savage on Medusa, kpii on Death Prophet, and Mikoto on Ember Spirit. Talon was considerably more efficient with its draft as it appeared in the opening few minutes of the game. The team provided all the space to 23savage, who was able to farm really quickly. Nigma SEA made a few moves, expecting to make a comeback during its high ground defensive. But it was not to be, as Talon secured an emphatic victory in 34 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

Talon has won both of its first two series and is looking to make a strong showing in this competitive Division 1 of the SEA DPC. The team has yet to go up against the best-performing teams in the region namely BOOM Esports, Fnatic, and T1, but the match against T1 is likely to be the most interesting. Talon will take on T1 on 30th June.

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