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iNSaNiA and Blitz Discuss Team Liquid’s Performance At Arlington Major

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In its latest vlog, Team Liquid’s Aydin "iNSaNiA" Sarkohi and William ”Blitz” Lee discussed the team’s performance at the Arlington Major.
iNSaNiA revealed that he was depressed after missing out on The International 2021 (TI10).
iNSaNiA and Blitz also discussed Liquid’s series against Boom Esports at the Arlington Major.

Despite having a decent Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season, achieving back to back top three finishes in the Western European (WEU) Division I for three consecutive tours, Team Liquid’s LAN performances at Stockholm and Arlington were underwhelming to the extent of the team missing out on a direct invite to The International 2022 (TI11). Following the conclusion of the Arlington Major, Team Liquid’s captain, Aydin "iNSaNiA" Sarkohi and coach William ”Blitz” Lee revealed their thoughts on the team’s newest vlog.

iNSaNiA spoke about missing out on TI10 with Team Liquid, while Blitz talked about the team’s match versus Boom Esports at the Arlington Major.

iNSaNiA’s thoughts on missing out TI10 with Team Liquid revealed

After a heartbreaking month for the team, Team Liquid released a vlog which covered its journey at the PGL Arlington Major. The vlog started out with Team Liquid’s staff asking team captain, iNSaNiA about what he went through after missing out on TI10 with Team Liquid. iNSaNiA replied by saying that he was upset that he did not qualify while also revealing that he went into depression for three months. iNSaniA said that “It was the end of the world for me, I think I spent like, three months feeling depressed. For the first two weeks [after not qualifying], I woke up at 6PM and tried to stay awake for as long as I could, playing pubs [public matches] with myself and everyone else muted in game. Basically me trying to just not talk with people and messing up my sleep schedule.”

Luckily for iNSaNiA, he added on by saying that his mindset was getting better after Valve invited him to be at TI10 as an analyst/caster, saying that while he would have loved to have played on the mainstage, being a talent for The International is not so bad after all. “But when they [Valve] asked me to come cast, I think that it makes things easier for me because you get to be a part of it anyway, even though you’re not in the center of attention but it helps me to not think about it [not qualifying with Liquid].” said iNSaNiA.

iNSaNiA and Blitz’s reaction towards Team Liquid’s series against Boom Esports at Arlington

When asked about the team’s journey at the Arlington Major, team coach Blitz explained that during the team’s match against Boom Esports, he was feeling very anxious as he said that “My anxiety is like 40 out of 10, but that’s how I generally feel regarding of how much we prepared for them”.

Meanwhile, iNSaNiA stated that despite the feeling of the team being behind in Game Three of the series against Boom Esports, he felt that the draft for that game was strong enough that the team could have won the series. However, he also added that he didn’t feel any pressure despite Ludwig "zai" Wåhlberg’s underwhelming performance in that game. Despite Team Liquid’s valiant efforts to come back into the game, the series ended with Boom Esports emerging victorious. Blitz said that following the defeat, the team was devastated yet they were determined to qualify for TI11 via the regional qualifiers.

Following its trip to Arlington, Team Liquid were traveling to Malaysia for ESL One Malaysia 2022, but ended up finishing in the bottom four, being last in group B. As of now, Team Liquid is preparing for a final attempt to qualify for TI11 by playing in the upcoming WEU Regional Qualifiers however, it will face many strong opponents such as Team Secret, Nigma Galaxy and Entity.

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