TI11 WEU Qualifiers: Schedule, Results, and Other Details

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>PGL's roadmap to TI11</p></div>

PGL's roadmap to TI11


The International 2022 (TI11)'s Western European (WEU) Qualifiers is considered to be teams from the regions’ last chance of making it to TI11.
A total of 12 teams will compete for the top three slots for the upcoming TI11, with first place grabbing a direct invite, while second and third places will proceed to the Last Chance Qualifiers
Here is a look at the teams competing, the schedule, the results, and more information about TI11 WEU Qualifiers.

With TI11 closely approaching, teams that did not directly qualify for the tournament will have to go through the regional qualifiers where only the top three teams will be allowed to travel to Singapore for TI11, as each top team from its respective region will receive a direct invitation while the second and third teams will play for the final 2 invites in a Last Chance Qualifier.

As far as the Western European (WEU) region is concerned, it is considered to be one of the most stacked regional qualifiers with many big name organizations fighting for a chance to be at this year’s TI11. While Nigma Galaxy, Liquid and Team Secret will be the overall favorites of the community, the sudden rise of dark horse teams such as Entity and Goonsquad will make for quite the competitive clash in the upcoming qualifiers. Here is a look at who is competing, the format, schedule, and more information about the TI11 WEU Qualifiers

TI11 WEU Qualifiers: All that you need to know

Team List

  1. Team Liquid

  2. Entity

  3. Team Secret

  4. Nigma Galaxy

  5. Goonsquad

  6. Into The Breach

  7. Alliance

  8. DGG Esports

  9. IVY

  10. Team Bald Reborn

  11. Water Rune Enjoyers

  12. Brame

Format (13th-17th Sept 2022)

  • Double-elimination bracket

  • Grand Final is BO5, all other matches are BO3

  • One team qualifies to The International 2022

  • Second and third teams proceed to the Last Chance Qualifier

Schedule and Results (All times are in SGT)

The Main Event will feature eighteen series over the course of five days.

TI11 WEU Qualifiers Bracket

AFK Gaming

13th September 2022

14th September 2022

15th September 2022

16th September 2022

17th September 2022

Where to watch

The TI11 WEU Qualifiers will be livestreamed in English on the PGL Dota 2 Twitch Channel.

You can also view the livestream, the highlights, and other content related to The TI11 WEU Qualifiers on the official PGL YouTube channel.

Players can also watch the games inside Dota 2, by using the Watch tab.

This is the last chance for teams from the WEU region to qualify for TI11, as a top three finish will allow a team to either qualify for the group stage or the Last Chance Qualifiers, where twelve teams from each region will fight from the two remaining slots.

Expect some explosive series’ as TI11 WEU Qualifiers is one of the more stacked qualifiers, with Team Secret, Liquid, Nigma Galaxy and more in the mix.

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