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iLTW Talks About Reaching The Peak of Ranked Dota

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Igor "iLTW" Filatov recently talked about his emotions being at the top of the competitive scene.
The former Nigma Galaxy carry noted that he had achieved Rank 1 in the region during his short stint with
However, he also noted that he felt frustrated when constantly losing in ranked matches.

Igor "iLTW" Filatov recently talked about his emotions as well as his highest rank in Dota 2 during a livestream. iLTW was thought to be a free agent until the end of the Major as teams will be able to sign new players while the roster lock period is open, having spent much of the season live streaming.

Additionally, he was considered by HellRaisers as a possible stand-in for Nikita "Daxak" Kuzmin for the upcoming Lima Major. However, the player declined the opportunity due to lack of motivation.

“I had the first rank for a while, not for a long time” - iLTW on reaching the top of ranked Dota

During a recent livestream according to, iLTW shared his emotions about his losses in ranked matchmaking amongst other things. While being a skilled carry player good enough to play in some of the best teams in Europe, iLTW has also established himself as a prominent Twitch Dota 2 livestreamer with a sizable viewership.

He started off by answering a viewer’s question on his highest rank ever achieved in Dota 2. ILTW however, unsurprisingly responded by saying that he reached the pinnacle of ranked match matching during his short stint with “What was the highest rank you ever reached in your career? I had the first one. When I played for VP, I had the first rank for a while, not for a long time. But I was very stupid as a person. And very, how can I explain it, rushed.”

He then went on to share his emotions about constantly losing in ranked match matching, as he felt he could have performed better in certain ranked games.  

“I feel like I have absolutely no fighting skills in Dota, and I just play like a *** [bad person] at those moments, well, the most important ones. Because I feel like I'm not hitting in a fight at all, even though I should be hitting. I just feel like I'm just not in those fights ever. And that's wrong, I think.” said iLTW.

While he noted that he will not give up, he noted that the struggles had affected his mentality as a player. “I'm not giving up, I'm just very disappointed, I'm very frustrated. I'm just really frustrated that I can't win a single game in Dota. It just frustrates me so much, it makes me want to cry.” he added.

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Despite having suffered depression during his time with Nigma Galaxy, many were hoping that iLTW would return to playing competitively after the Lima Major as teams might prepare to undergo roster changes.

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