Nigma Galaxy Bids Farewell to MinD_ContRoL


"I Need Something New" - MinD_ContRoL Explains His Departure From Nigma Galaxy

Rakshak Kathuria
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In an interview during BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024: WEU Closed Qualifier, Ivan "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov spoke about his exit from Nigma Galaxy.
MinD_ContRoL explained that leaving Nigma was a decision driven more by a desire to try something new rather than a lack of success there.
MinD_ContRoL recently joined Tundra Esports as its new offlaner.

The departure of Nigma Galaxy's Ivan "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov was one of the biggest roster changes of recent months, after having spent eight years with players who had become more than just teammates. The offlaner is now a part of Tundra Esports and following the team’s win over Entity in BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024: WEU (Western Europe) Closed Qualifier, he spoke about his exit from Nigma. MinD_ContRoL explained that it was more the desire to find something new that prompted him to leave Nigma than the lack of success there. Despite still caring about his former teammates, he said it was important for him to find a new path.

MinD_ContRoL talks about the move from Nigma to Tundra Esports

During the post-game winner's interview, MinD_ContRoL openly discussed the transition from Nigma to Tundra when questioned about it.

“I think I just need something new in my life. It’s not about we are not successful or something like this. Of course, it is connected that we did not have success in the past few years but for me the most important was that I did not feel good, that I did not have success for so long and it does not mean that I will find it when I join another team of course but I don’t know, I need something new. That’s what I felt. That’s why I left the team.

That was the only reason and I followed it and I didn’t care. I care about the guys but sometimes in your life, you need to be selfish to do something that makes you feel good. Let’s see how that will go. Maybe good maybe bad.”

Nevertheless, MinD_ContRoL explained that he continues to use the experience he gained during his time at Nigma Galaxy as he prepares himself for new metas and environments.

Meanwhile, despite Tundra’s new roster only being officially announced a few days ago, MinD_ContRoL mentioned that communication has already begun to synergize, even though it is reasonable to expect that the overall chemistry will develop with time.

“The chemistry, we don’t really know yet because we have literally been playing for 5 days? Even less, maybe…….But for now, I am surprised and I am impressed by the communication that we have. We have different nationalities and all their comms are very good which is surprisingly nice for me. So that makes it very easy to work. It’s very easy to draft and we just played well today.”

In the games, MinD_ContRoL revealed that in the early game, making calls is a collective effort, but Pure, as the carry, is largely in charge in the mid to late game.

Currently, MinD_ContRoL and Tundra are in the lower bracket semifinals of BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024: WEU Closed Qualifier. Intending to reach the Bo5 grand final, MinD_ContRoL looks forward to facing OG for revenge on the Bo1 loss early on in the qualifier.

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