Hololive Member Ceres Fauna Streams Dota 2


Hololive Member Ceres Fauna Streams Dota 2

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Hololive Production's Ceres Fauna recently streamed Dota and garnered thousands of views in just a few hours.
It should be noted that Ceres Fauna is not the first VTuber to stream Dota 2.

Ceres Fauna, an English V-Tuber (Virtual Youtuber) of the Promise group from Hololive Production recently streamed Dota 2 on YouTube and garnered over 149K views in just six hours. Ceres Fauna is a part of Hololive Production, a Japanese-based Virtual YouTuber agency, and usually streams ASMR videos and other game titles as a part of her content. Notably, this is not the first time a V-Tuber has played Dota 2 before. Last year, Kobo Kanaeru of holoh3ro, Hololive Indonesia also played and streamed Dota 2. The livestream replay of Kobo Kanaeru playing Dota 2 has since garnered close to 250K views on YouTube.

V-Tuber Ceres Fauna Plays Dota 2

The internet has seen a rise in VTubers in recent years. If you are not very familiar with the concept, VTubers are essentially people who use Hololive Production’s face-tracking feature to animate their virtual avatar in real-time. 

In a recent YouTube stream titled “Playing Dota 2 for the first time in 10 years and regretting my decisions,” Ceres Fauna played Dota 2. Fauna garnered close to 150K views in just six hours and played the game for three hours on stream.

While the title was a dead giveaway to her skills as a Dota 2 player, she played surprisingly well considering it was her first time playing in 10 years. Fauna chose to play in the New player mode and was matched with other anonymous new players. Fauna seemed to have an affinity for support heroes as she only played supports like Witch Doctor and Crystal Maiden throughout her stream. 

Fans were really quick to point out how Fauna pulled huge audiences with her stream. One Redditor wrote, “More viewers than most dota 2 streamers these days.

Notably, Ceres Fauna was nominated at The VTuber Awards 2023 in the USA for Best Minecraft VTuber and Best Roleplay/ASMR VTuber. In the end, she won the award for Best Roleplay/ASMR VTuber. 

VTubers playing Dota 2 have garnered the attention of the community recently. Last year, Kobo Kanaeru played several Turbo games on stream for two hours. Unlike Fauna, Kanaeru is a more chaotic character and is not afraid to voice her words. She was seen playing a variety of heroes on stream like Puck, Skywrath Mage, and Pudge amongst others. Kanaeru also won the Most Chaotic VTuber award at the VTuber Awards 2023. 

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