Rosvida_ accuses Hoboharry of stalking and harrassment


Hoboharry Accused of Stalking and Harassment

Dorjee Palzang
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Twitch Streamer and a known figure in Qojva's stream, Hoboharry faces series of allegations for stalking and harrasment
Twitter user, @rosvida_ shared series of screenshots and accused Hoboharry of harrassment

In a recent development, allegations of stalking and harassment have surfaced against Twitch streamer and a known figure in Max "qojqva" Bröcker’s stream, Hoboharry. The accusations were brought to light by a Twitter user, @rosvida_, who shared her troubling experience on 5th December in a series of threads and screenshots of the incident.

@rosvida_ revealed that she added Hoboharry, as a Steam friend due to mutual connections. She shared that Hoboharry and her would often find themselves in the same game lobby. According to her tweets, Hoboharry allegedly took screenshots of her in-game chat messages and shared them on the online forum 4chan. The screenshots were reportedly used to imply distressing suggestions about @rosvida_'s mental state.

Hoboharry Faces Barrage of Allegations

"I added a guy who I had lots of Steam mutuals with, called Hoboharry, and we queued into each other sometimes. He took screenshots of words I typed (in ally chat) and used them to imply in 4chan posts that I was going to kill myself. Now he's a streamer with hundreds of viewers!" @rosvida_ stated in her tweet.

Hoboharry Accused of Stalking and Harassment

Furthermore, @rosvida_ shared a screenshot of a 4chan thread titled “he’s cracking badly” allegedly posted by Hoboharry. The thread included their in-game chat and contained derogatory language

Hoboharry Accused of Stalking and Harassment

Oh, and yes, he used he/him for me as he did so, happily playing into the weird transphobic stalker vibe coming from that entire website. This post could only have come from him!!” she continued.

Hoboharry Accused of Stalking and Harassment

The Twitter user also alleged that Hoboharry revealed her in-game name on 4chan, exposing her to public scrutiny. The thread on 4chan reportedly contained offensive comments such as, "rime’s ign [in-game name] is 'transgenderism2.' This guy is reaching levels of troon."

This is the kind of thread he's posting it in, btw. I used to like @qojqva1's stream, but now this guy is all over it, and it's just... a bit gross? Wcyd [What can you do?]  I guess,” @rosvida_ expressed her dismay.

Hoboharry revealed on stream that rime [@rosvida_] has always hated him and he's not surprised to see the allegations against him and made no further remark on the accusations.

As the story continues to develop it is essential to approach such allegations with caution and sensitivity. Stay tuned for future updates regarding this matter.

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