Miposhka explains how he wards and the way to play position five in 7.31d

Here's How TI Winner Miposhka Wards and Uses Vision

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Yaroslav "Miposhka" Naidenov, the captain of Team Spirit, noted for his warding skills, explained in detail how he wards, in a recent post-match winner's interview.
Miposhka stated that before putting a ward, he considers different aspects such as the enemy's ability to deward, the purpose of the ward, and the matchups he is playing against.
In addition, Miposhka advised players on how to play position five in the current patch 7.31d.

Team Spirit's captain Yaroslav "Miposhka" Naidenov has earned a reputation as one of the best warding support players since his team won The International 10 (TI10). The player has been appreciated for his warding skills that enable him to set up ganks, protect his teammates from enemy aggression, and more. Following Spirit's win against Mind Games in the Eastern European (EEU) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22 Tour 3: Division 1, Miposhka went into detail on how he wards. As he explained, first, the question is whether the enemy is able to deward his ward, and then it is about what purpose the ward will serve, such as teamfighting. The TI winner also discussed the best way to ward against hard opponents like Slark and Zeus, as well as tips for playing position five in the ongoing patch 7.31d.

Miposhka explains how he wards and the way to play position five in 7.31d

After taking down Mind Games, Miposhka gave a very insightful answer to the question of how to ward, in the post-match winner's interview. To begin with, you need to ensure that your ward won't be taken down by the enemy. Also, when placing a ward, its purpose must be clear.

“I am thinking about probably three things. First, if I put ward here, can the enemy team deward it? How are they gonna think about where I put it? Second, how much information a ward can give. Like - we will be fighting around this ward, I need to put some vision just to try to squeeze them. I need to see where the enemy heroes are, so we can try to squeeze them.”

When you have heroes like Slark or Zeus on the enemy side, who specialize in finding and destroying enemy vision, it becomes even more challenging to ward. Miposhka explained that in such matchups, it becomes crucial to keep Observer Wards on hand and place them as the players move together.

He said that in some situations, he even possesses three or four Wards, but he only uses them during teamfights in such matchups.

“If you are playing against some hard matchup like Slark or Zeus or Beastmaster, you know it’s hard to just put vision. Just try to hold it and use it when you move together as a team, and try to put a lot of vision in fights. Sometimes, I have three wards or four but I understand that if I put it somewhere, the enemy can just move here and deward because they have Gem or Slark or just good heroes to check and they will just understand where we were. It’s just easy for them to check if I put some vision. So, I am just trying to hold it and use wards in fights. Or we use smoke and move together and then put some vision just to attack or initiate fights on vision.”

As part of the ongoing patch 7.31d, Miposhka was asked to provide his advice on how position five should be played. In patch 7.31d, Healing Salves' use on allies was nerfed, requiring support players to change the way they play the laning stage, which has been similar since the beginning.

According to Miposhka, playing position five in the ongoing patch depends on the hero you're playing. To him, there are no broken heroes in the current metagame, so it's just important to observe the replays and understand the logic behind what the top players are doing.

“I think it all depends on the hero that you are playing. I would suggest just seeing how other players are playing - the most successful players, that’s how I got better. Just watch replays of other players in some good teams and try to understand their logic and why they are doing certain things in-game. Also would suggest that it’s hard right now to find really good heroes in pubs. In my opinion, there are no imba heroes. It all depends on what your team needs if you play in a team, but if you don’t have a team try to find some heroes which you love to play and practice it because right now there are no unbalanced heroes in my opinion.”

Miposhka and his Team Spirit teammates are currently competing in Tour 3 of the DPC 2021-22, with five victories after six series. Its last league series will be against BetBoom Team on 14th July.

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