Hating Gaimin Gladiators Is a Staple to Joining Team Liquid, Jokes Boxi

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Boxi at The International 2023</p></div>
Boxi at The International 2023


On 10th November, Team Liquid officially welcomed 33, who replaced zai on the roster.
During the livestream, Boxi joked that one needs to hate Gaimin Gladiators to be a part of Team Liquid.

In an eagerly awaited announcement stream on 10th November, Team Liquid introduced a significant addition to its Dota roster. It welcomed Neta "33" Shapira who transferred from Tundra Esports. The announcement was made in a livestream featuring popular Team Liquid streamers and players including Brian "BSJ" Canavan, Max "qojqva" Bröcker, Samuel "Boxi" Svahn, and Aydin "iNSaNiA" Sarkohi.

During the stream, Boxi couldn't resist injecting some humor into the serious esports business, jokingly advising 33 that the first step to truly being part of Team Liquid was to harbor a strong dislike for Gaimin Gladiators.

Team Liquid’s Bittersweet Rivalry with Gaimin Gladiators

Boxi playfully told 33 that the first step of being a part of Team Liquid is to hate Gaimin Gladiators. This is because these two teams have been going head-to-head over the past few tournaments. These matches ended with the same result: Gladiators emerging victorious and Team Liquid always missing out in the final push toward victory.

"Anyway, the first step of joining Team Liquid is hating Gaimin Gladiators," Boxi playfully remarked.

33, taking the banter in stride, responded with a quip of his own. He added, "I say I'm glad they [Team Spirit] won [The International 2023]."

The exchange continued with Boxi reminding 33 about his earlier comment expressing empathy for Gaimin Gladiators had they lost, leading to a light-hearted discussion.

"Them [Gladiators] getting second in this tournament [TI12] was like a big copium because we lost to them again," Boxi explained. 

33 also noted that he won a lot against Gaimin Gladiators when he was in Tundra and that he can help Team Liquid win against its long-standing rival.

Boxi's joking remarks about hating Gaimin Gladiators stem from the bitter history between the two teams. Gaimin Gladiators previously knocked out Team Liquid on the road to The International 2023 and also denied Team Liquid multiple titles at major events including The Bali Major 2023, ESL One Berlin Major 2023, DreamLeague Season 19, and Lima Major 2023.

With 33 now part of Team Liquid's roster and Gaimin Gladiators maintaining its lineup, fans are left wondering if this new addition will be the missing piece for Team Liquid to clinch the title in the upcoming ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 tournament if these two teams were to meet in the finals again.

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