Gorgc Stunned By a $40,000 Donation on Twitch

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>On a recent livestream, Gorgc received a $40,000 USD donation from a viewer.</p></div>
On a recent livestream, Gorgc received a $40,000 USD donation from a viewer.


On a recent livestream, Gorgc received a $40,000 USD donation from a viewer.
The way Gorgc and the chat reacted was priceless.

Team Bald Reborn player Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski is one of the biggest Dota 2 streamers on Twitch who is known for his captivating personality and entertaining gameplay. With over 644K followers on the streaming platform, he has an international audience that tunes into his stream regularly. On a recent livestream, Gorgc received a $40,000 USD donation from a viewer. The streamer’s reaction coupled with Twitch chat’s spam made the moment a memorable one. Though the Dota 2 streamer was extremely grateful for the donation, he acknowledged that it was a “lot of money.” 

Here’s what happened in Gorgc’s stream.

Gorgc and Twitch chat react to $40,000 donation

Towards the end of his seven-hour stream, Gorgc was wondering if he should call it a day after losing a winnable game. He was seemingly annoyed because they lost the match due to a player giving up, griefing, and arguing on voice comms. 

Does this count as a game? Do we need to go one more, chat? I’m not sure. F**** shame though. F***, dude. This could have been the game…I don’t know after this if I can even do one more,” said Gorgc. 

After avoiding and reporting the player that griefed, Gorgc decided to spectate Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen’s game as he was waiting for his headache to get better. As he was spectating the game’s end, Gorgc seemed genuinely shocked and his reaction without context confused the viewers.

He said, “What the hell? Uh, guys? What the f**** hell? I don’t know if it has shown up yet. Did anyone see that? Uhhh.. holy sh**!” As he continued to react in utter disbelief, his chat spammed 7TV’s WHAT emote.  

Following this, Gorgc said, “Ali donated $10,000. I don’t know why it didn’t show up…That’s a massive, massive, massive dono bro. Thanks a lot, man! I appreciate that a lot man. Do we need to do one more [game] for Ali or what?

After realizing that it was a big donation, chat joked that Ali probably “stole a credit card” or misclicked and was nudging the streamer to refund. Replying to it, Gorgc said, “He misclicked? I mean if he misclicked, of course, I can refund him. If he didn’t, thanks a lot, Ali.

As Gorgc was thanking him, Ali gifted another $10,000 USD with a song request. Within a short interval, the viewer again donated $20,000 USD to the Dota 2 streamer. Gorgc was clearly at a loss for words and said, “Dude what am I even supposed to say? What am I supposed to say, chat? What am I actually supposed to say right now?”

Twitch chat was clearly enjoying the moment and joked about Gorgc’s reaction. Viewers spammed  “React harder” and “At least break the chair for $40K.” They even jokingly claimed that Ali was none other than Gorgc, who was money laundering with donations. However, beyond the usual jokes and memes, it was a wholesome moment on stream.

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