Gorgc Shares His Tier List for DreamLeague Season 21

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Gaimin Gladiators Reign Supreme: Gaimin Gladiators hold the top spot with four consecutive major titles and are the favorites for The International
Team Liquid's Strong Contention: Team Liquid emerges as a formidable competitor and a potential threat to Gaimin Gladiators.
Uncertainty in the Tournament: The DreamLeague Season 21 tournament remains unpredictable with EG's performance, Quest Esports' ranking, and Arteezy's form adding intrigue.

Swedish Twitch streamer and popular Dota 2 talent Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski has made his tier list for the upcoming Dreamleague Season 21. Based on his impressions and understanding of all the teams, he categorized the teams into 5 tiers with S being the highest and D being the lowest

Gorgc's Tier List for DreamLeague Season 21


Tier S: Gaimin Gladiator

Tier A: Team Liquid,Team Spirit, Betboom, Tundra

Tier B: Talon Esports, 9Pandas, Entity

Tier C: OG, Shopify Rebellion, EG, Quest Esports

Gorgc believes Gaimin Gladiators will be crowned the champions 

Gaimin Gladiators were a no-brainer and the lone S tier team in Gorgc’s list due to their dominance throughout the year, having six titles under their name in 2023 alone and alos due their monstrous performance at Betboom Dacha, they are also the most favored team to win this year’s International.

However, Gorgc states that Team Liquid are probably the second or third best team in this tournament and are the most formidable rival to the S-tier team Gaimin Gladiators.

All right, there it is. There it is. Boom! Locked and shocked, boys locked and shocked. This one is in. Tundra: A tier seems good. Talon might be honestly a bit low. It's really hard rating these teams, you know? OG top of A, sure. I think SR are better than these two teams(EG and Quest Esports). Yeah, I mean I think that's fair. Honestly, I think that's fair. Gorgc Prime(Entity's carry Watson) is gonna do it this year, guys. OG, SR are probably a pretty close team right now. Hard to call. SR to D? No guys, no. Stop it. Stop it. Enough is enough. I think Arteezy is playing better right now, and I think that matters a lot. Boom! There it is alright, we did the tier list guys. Let's lock it. Maybe we'll tweet it a bit, and I'm gonna be flamed on Twitter. Hi everybody, but that's fine. Took the picture perfect."

According to the tier list he made,Gorgc still believes Gaimin Gladiators seem to be a class apart from the other teams and have few notable competitors on its level.

Gorgc’s opinion on other teams

Fresh off their impressive victory at the Riyadh Masters, Team Spirit has certainly turned heads in the Dota 2 community. Gorgc acknowledges their prowess and considers them a solid A-tier team. However, he stops short of placing them in the coveted S-tier. The reason? Gorgc suspects that Team Spirit might be basking in the afterglow of their Riyadh Masters triumph and could potentially suffer from complacency. History, he reminds us, suggests that they have struggled in the past, except for their crowning moment in 2023.

Moreover, Gorgc places a considerable bet on BetBoom, believing the low latency advantage they hold over their competitors will enable Nightfall to shine as a formidable carry for his team.

One team that has piqued Gorgc's curiosity is Tundra Esports, mainly due to the addition of Topson to their roster. However, Gorgc remains cautious in his assessment, expressing skepticism about the team's prospects in Martin "Saksa" Sazdov's absence from the tournament. The absence of a key player can often disrupt team dynamics and impact performance, and Gorgc is keenly aware of this.

Shopify Rebellion presents a perplexing puzzle for Gorgc. Initially considering them for a B-tier placement, he later reconsiders his stance, underscoring the uncertainty surrounding the team's potential performance. With the tournament on the horizon, Gorgc is torn on where to place them, reflecting the challenge of predicting the ever-evolving competitive Dota 2 landscape. Gorgc singles out Arteezy as a player currently in peak form. Arteezy's commitment and dedication are underscored by his ranking as the fourth player with the most pub games played recently. Gorgc believes that Arteezy's resurgence is a significant factor to consider in DreamLeague Season 21, asserting, "I think Arteezy is playing better right now, and I think it matters a lot."

In a surprising twist, Gorgc refuses to assign any team to the lowest tier, Tier D. He justifies this omission by emphasizing the caliber of competition in DreamLeague Season 21, stating that it's an exceptionally high-tier tournament where any team can emerge victorious. With a track record of accurate tier predictions in the past, fans are eagerly awaiting to see if Gorgc's tier list will once again prove prescient.

Group A consists of Team Liquid, Tundra Esports, Shopify Rebellion, 9Pandas, Entity Esports, Talon Esports.

Group B consists of Gaimin Gladiators, OG, BetBoom, Quest Esports, Team Spirit, Evil Geniuses

While Gaimin Gladiators remain the favorites for DreamLeague Season 21, Gorgc's tier list highlights the uncertainty and intrigue surrounding the tournament. Team Liquid emerge as a formidable contender, while EG's performance, Quest Esports' ranking, and Arteezy's form add further intrigue. With so many strong teams competing, DreamLeague Season 21 is sure to be an exciting and unpredictable tournament.

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