Gorgc Says He Will Gladly Be Banned on Dota 2


Gorgc Says He Will Gladly Be Banned From Dota 2

Dorjee Palzang
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In a recent stream, Dota 2 streamer and personality Gorgc saw the upside to getting banned by Valve.
He urged Valve to ban his main account and give him a reason to climb on a new alt account.

On a recent Twitch livestream, Dota 2 streamer and personality Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski appealed to Valve to get the publisher to ban him from Dota 2. He said this in reaction to Mason "mason" Venne’s main account getting banned by Valve, which has unironically sprung his viewership number. Gorgc was reacting to a video clip of mason’s on Reddit where he was playing with new players. 

Gorgc casually remarked that he would be happy to accept a ban from Valve and that he would have a reason to make more content for his Twitch viewers and fans. He opined that the meta, right now, is to get banned as he cited examples of Twitch streamers getting banned for breaking Terms of Service (ToS).

He urged, "Dude, Valve, ban me! Valve, I'll gladly be banned..."

Gorgc’s Reason for Wanting a Ban

On 18th December, during a livestream, Gorgc was going through his Reddit and came across a video of mason playing Dota 2 despite the ban on a new account. Seeing this, Gorgc remarked that mason was falling off and that the ban by Valve has helped him. He said, “Unironically, guys, the ban thing boosted Mason's career a little bit I think it doubled or tripled his viewers. He was falling off and now he’s big comeback.

Due to the huge spike of viewership in mason’s Twitch channel, Gorgc said he would “gladly be banned, ” and that it would give him a good reason to do a road from 1K MMR to 10K MMR.

He pointed out how it was “meta” on Twitch to get banned intentionally and then come back to the platform with the newfound publicity due to the ban and repeat the process to increase the viewership count.

Gorgc added, “I kind of want to get banned now guys, maybe we should go for mode: ban. If my behavior score dips below 8K guys, I'm considering getting banned. It’s f**** worth it, dude!” He said that it would be worth getting banned due to the increase in publicity which would grant him more viewership like mason.

Did mason’s Viewership Increase?

Gorgc’s statement gave an intriguing perspective to the whole mason drama, especially the increase in viewership numbers.

According to Twtich Tracker, between 1st December and 15th December (when mason was banned), he averaged around 2352 viewers per stream. However, since his ban, that is from 16th December till date, he has been averaging around 4081 viewers per stream. This is a 73.5% increase in viewership since his ban.

Earlier, mason said he accepted his punishment and would not play Dota for a month for breaking the Steam terms and conditions. However, he can be seen live on Twitch, streaming and playing Dota 2 on a fresh new account already.

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