Gorgc gives his take on the discontinuation of DPC and the tier 2 scene


Gorgc Believes Tier 2 Scene Is “Basically Dead” After DPC Discontinuation

Dorjee Palzang
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Gorgc expressed concerns over the discontinuation of DPC, contrary to several other popular opinions.
He noted that the Tier 2 esports scene in Dota 2 is "basically dead" and pointed out that nobody will watch it.

In a recent Twitch livestream, popular Dota 2 personality Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski expressed a nuanced perspective on the discontinuation of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC), diverging from the prevailing optimism within the community. While many believe that the absence of the DPC will lead to an improvement in the Dota 2 experience, Gorgc articulated concerns about the potential demise of the tier 2 scene in Dota 2 esports.

Gorgc’s Take on Discontinuation of DPC

Gorgc acknowledged the positive aspects of the DPC, emphasizing how it provided a platform for tier 2 players to rise in prominence. However, he also opined that this will lead to the inevitable decline of the tier 2 scene, noting that the lack of DPC tournaments might result in diminished viewer interest. This, he argued, could be a significant challenge for aspiring players looking to make a mark in the competitive Dota 2 landscape.

"The tier 2 scene of Dota is basically dead. I mean, nobody's going to watch it, at least, you know what I mean. That's a bit of a problem," Gorgc remarked during the livestream.

While acknowledging the potential boredom associated with the DPC, Gorgc, who plays for a Tier 2 team called Team Bald, questioned whether the Tier 2 scene deserved to fade away.

He added, "You know, maybe it deserves to die. No more Team Bald, you know? What can you do? Maybe it does deserve to die."

One notable concern raised by Gorgc revolved around the integrity of the tier 2 scene, particularly in regions such as China. He pointed out that the tier 2 scene was rife with issues like rigged matches and gambling, especially in the Chinese region. Gorgc expressed unease about the prevalence of such practices and suggested that Valve might have considered stepping away from the DPC due to these concerns.

"What I don't like about the tier two scene was that it was riddled with gambling shit. If it's Valve-approved, people will be like, 'Oh, it's Valve-approved. I can gamble on it,' and then they don't realize it's some 7K MMR Chinese stack that's been manipulated," Gorgc explained.

Earlier, allegations of match-fixing emerged from the heart of the Chinese Dota 2 scene, implicating team Holy Grail during The International 2023 (TI12) China Qualifier. Renowned Bilibili content creator Jie Chu Ge, previously instrumental in exposing the misconduct of Knights, released a video containing damning evidence against Holy Grail, along with possible involvement by Team Bright and Team Disillusion (now Dark Horse).

Team Spirit’s Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk also expressed his dissatisfaction with the discontinuation recently. He believed that Valve should have simply improved upon the existing DPC system instead of scrapping it.

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