Former Dota 2 Pro Mason Banned From Twitch For Eighth Time


Former Dota 2 Pro Mason Banned From Twitch for Eighth Time

Dorjee Palzang
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Popular Dota 2 Twitch streamer, mason finds himself banned from Twitch for the eighth time.
Mason was banned from Twitch after performing his version of the Glizzy Overdrive which went against Twitch's community guidelines.
Following this incident, mason took to X and questioned Twitch's decision to ban him for 'sexual content' while sharing photos of another streamer on the platform who can be seen in provocative clothing,

Dota 2 Twitch streamer and former professional player, Mason "mason" Venne was recently banned from Twitch again for performing his version of “Glizzy Overdrive,” with a hot dog which went against the Twitch community guidelines. 

The glizzy overdrive is a meme that was started by TikToker and NPC streamer 'jason.reborn' where if a person receives a lot of hotdogs they act like they are eating hotdogs at a rapid pace.

Mason, who is banned from Twitch for the eighth time now took to X following the incident and questioned Twtich’s decision to ban him for sexual content.

Mason Banned From Twitch: Questions the Ban Decision

On 21st March 2024, during a routine Twitch stream, mason performed his version of the 'Glizzy overdrive'.Two days after the said incident, mason was banned from Twitch for violation of community guidelines under sexual content. 

Following this, mason took to X and tweeted, “I got banned for 7 days for sexual content? what's this then?” Questioning the decision made by Twitch for the ban.

He also shared a screenshot of another Twitch streamer who can be seen in provocative clothing, engaging in some questionable act on the platform.

While some users joked, the reason behind mason’s ban was the “Price of being the Dota s3x symbol wcyd,” others were in full support of the streamer, saying, “You got banned for the glizzy? holy shit twitch is pathetic, FREE MASON."

The former professional Dota 2 player who currently operates as a Twitch streamer always seems to find himself in trouble as he is banned quite often from the platform.

Notably during the Frostivus event, mason was one of the first people to get banned after receiving a 'Highly Toxic Lump of Coal' in the Frostivus gift bag. The reason behind the ban was his utilization of behavior-boosting services which went against Steam's community guidelines.

However, since the incident, he made a new account and climbed back into his old MMR of 8.5K and had been streaming his gameplay regularly until this Twitch ban struck him once again.

Mason’s content is known for its edginess and out-of-line humor, maybe it was safe to say a ban was impending given his content that stands on a fine line between funny and outrageous.

Last August, mason received a month-long ban from Twitch for typing out “Shut up you Rus*ian monkey.” Now, only time will tell how long this current ban will last.

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