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Evil Geniuses Sends Elephant Home After Dominant Victory in TI10 Lower Bracket

Vignesh Raghuram
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With a clinical performance in the final game of the International 10 (TI10) Main Event Lower Bracket, Evil Geniuses have managed to defeat Chinese all-stars Elephant eliminating the latter from the tournament. The NA team have now secured a spot in the next round of the Upper Brackets where they will compete against the loser of the Virtus.Pro vs ViCi Gaming matchup, that takes place tomorrow. With this victory, EG has also guaranteed itself a $800,400 USD and a Top 12 finish at TI10.

Evil Geniuses Knocks Out Elephant Systematically

The game started off relatively slow with us only seeing three kills within the first 10 minutes of the game. However, once Evil Geniuses started picking up their items, they gradually began to take control of the map and started finding kills all across the map.

Iceiceice's Night Stalker was menace, providing EG with a lot of vision, which Abed's Void Spirit and Fly's Disruptor could utilize to find multiple kills across the map. Elephant was able always answer with one or two return kills, but Evil Geniuses almost always managed to walk away with the advantage.

Even though Elephant made a strong effort to catch up, they failed to turn it around and lost the game in 39 minutes, with EG securing an overwhelming networth advantage.

Following the elimination, in an emotional interview, Elephant's coach Bai "rOtK" Fan shared that he felt that he had let a lot of people down and stated that the loss was hard hitting, but it was just something that they had to accept and deal with.

Following this loss, Elephant became the fourth team to be eliminated from the tournament today joining Team Undying, Team Aster, and beastcoast. All four teams walk away with $600,300 USD in prize money and a 13th-16th place finish.

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