Dyrachyo Opens Up About TI12 Final Loss and Team's Resilience


Dyrachyo Opens Up About TI12 Final Loss and Team's Resilience

Dorjee Palzang
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During a recent Twitch live stream, Dyrachyo talked about how he felt after Gaimin Gladiator's loss against Team Spirit at TI finals
Even though he felt bad about his loss against Team Spirit, he acknowledged Team Spirit's strength

In a recent Twitch stream, Anton "dyrachyo" Shkredov, the carry for Gaimin Gladiators [GG], shared his thoughts on the team's loss to Team Spirit in The International 2023 (TI12) grand final. Despite the 0:3 defeat, Dyrachyo expressed a mix of emotions, stating that while he felt a bit disappointed, it didn't bring him to tears. He credited Team Spirit for their skill and acknowledged their deserved victory.

Dyrachyo Reflects on his Emotions at The International 2023 Finals

Gaimin Gladiators who had a remarkable year, clinching victories in most events, including all three DPC Majors of 2023, two DreamLeague tournaments and the first ever BetBoom Dacha. Although their performance tapered off towards TI12, they managed to reach the grand final. Team Spirit, however, secured a clean 3:0 series win, claiming the Aegis and becoming the second team to lift the Aegis twice.

Following the finals, Eva Elfie took to Telegram to express sympathy for Dyrachyo, recognizing his efforts in pursuing the championship.

Reflecting on the emotions during TI finals, Dyrachyo shared a heartfelt moment with his teammates and coach. While discussing the team's journey, he admitted to nearly shedding tears, underlining the emotional investment and challenges faced throughout the competitive season.

According to translation provided by escorenews, dyrachyo said “How did I feel during The International grand final? I was knocked out 0:3, I was sick, it was bad. But I wasn’t upset, because Team Spirit was great. They deserved the win and did it with skill. I was a little disappointed, but not to the point of tears. Then I gathered my teammates and coach. I decided to tell them a few words about the past year. And that was the point where I almost cried.

Adding to the adversity, Dyrachyo revealed that he fell ill during the match against Team Liquid on the second day of the final weekend. Unfortunately, the recovery wasn't swift enough for the grand final clash with Team Spirit, contributing to the team's challenges during the tournament.

Notably, Gaimin Gladiators opted to maintain their roster despite the loss, showing confidence in their players' potential.

In the aftermath of TI12, Gaimin Gladiators is set to compete in ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023, determined to showcase their resilience. The esports community eagerly awaits their performance in this tournament, where they aim to reclaim their winning form and demonstrate the strength of their unyielding team spirit. Gaimin Gladiators faces challenges with upcoming matchups against BetBoom Team and Team Secret on the first day of the tournament. The team's commitment to their current roster showcases a belief in their ability to overcome setbacks and bounce back stronger.

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