Dota Patch 7.33 Rumored to Release This Coming Week

Dhruv Saikia
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According to Cyborgmatt on Twitter, Patch 7.33 is rumored to be released this coming week, on the 20th of April.
In the tweet, he mentioned that this information comes from leaked communications from the Berlin Major 2023 teams.
According to the leaked comms, the patch is apparently ‘significantly larger’ than a normal gameplay patch.

Dota 2 fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of the next major patch, 7.33, after the release of the Dead Reckoning patch. According to Valve, the new patch was scheduled to release in April, but the exact date was not revealed. This has led to intense speculation among fans, with many hoping that the patch will release before the upcoming Berlin Major 2023. The previous major gameplay patch, 7.32, was released in August 2022, which means that it has been almost 8 months since the last major update. Fans are eagerly anticipating the new patch, which is expected to bring significant changes to the game's meta and mechanics. Recent rumors state that the new patch may be released this coming week, more specifically on the 20th of April, according to information from CyborgMatt’s Twitter post.

Next patch is to be ‘significantly larger’ than a normal gameplay patch.

There are rumors that the patch may release in the coming week, around April 20th, according to a post by CyborgMatt on Twitter. He claims that the patch will be significantly larger than previous updates and is aimed to release in the early afternoon (PST) on Thursday, the 20th of April, according to leaked communications from the Berlin Major 2023 teams

The timing of the patch's release will only give teams just about one week to adapt to it before the upcoming Berlin Major. With a major update, the meta will shift, and new strategies and heroes will become viable, which could lead to experimentation by teams. Fans will be eager to watch the top teams in the world experiment with new and exciting strategies, where the patch may favor some teams more than others.

However, it is important to note that Dreamleague Season 19 is currently ongoing and will go on till the 23rd of April, followed by the Berlin Major 2023, which will begin on the 26th of April, 3 days after the conclusion of Dreamleague Season 19. If the rumors about the patch release date are true, then the massive patch will release during the playoffs of Dreamleague Season 19. This may lead to teams experimenting with new strategies on an international tournament before they head into the Berlin Major 2023.

It is important to note that the exact release date of the patch still hasn’t been confirmed by Valve, who had previously stated that the patch would be released in late April. Nonetheless, the anticipation for the new patch is high, and fans are looking forward to seeing the changes it brings to the game.

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